Deep dark caves in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update: Deep dark cities, new sculk blocks, and more revealed 

New sculk blocks in deep dark cities (Image via Mojang)
New sculk blocks in deep dark cities (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live 2021 was filled with many exciting and surprising reveals. During the livestream, Mojang officially announced The Wild Update, which will revamp the swamp biomes in Minecraft by adding mangrove trees, frogs, fireflies, mud, and more.

Along with the much-awaited swamp overhaul, The Wild Update will also feature terrifying deep dark caves. Minecraft community wasn't surprised by this announcement as developers were silent about deep dark caves for a long time. The delayed release of deep dark caves was pretty much expected at this point.

During Minecraft Live 2021, Kingbdogz, the famous developer behind deep dark caves, shared new information about the creepy cave biome.

Deep dark caves coming in Minecraft 1.19 update: New information revealed


Deep dark caves are now officially moved to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. Kingbdogz answered why they had to make this decision. He explained how deep the dark caves started expanding, and they had to make sure they didn't rush this spooky and beautiful biome.

Deep dark cities

We couldn’t resist giving you another look at the Deep Dark together with some new unseen features!↣

In the deepest layers of Minecraft, players will find deep dark cities. These structures are similar to ocean monuments in terms of size. Deep dark cities are made of deepslate blocks and are plagued with all kinds of sculk blocks.

Players will find candles, loot chests filled with valuables, sculk blocks, sculk shriekers, sculk catalysts, and more in the deep dark cities. The Warden is everywhere in deep dark caves. According to Kingdogz, Warden is "in the walls, under the floor" and has also developed a sense of smell.

The Warden will be able to locate the player by locating their smell. Deep dark cities will easily become the most dangerous and scary place in Minecraft.

New sculk blocks

At least sneaking will give you a creeper’s chance against the terror of this new biome, the Warden!↣

Along with the old sculk blocks, Kingbdogz also unveiled two new variants: sculk catalyst and sculk shrieker. Both of these blocks are shown naturally generating in the deep dark cities.

Sculk catalyst will be used for farming sculk sensors, sculk blocks, and sculk veins. When a mob dies near a sculk catalyst, it will spread the sculk to nearby blocks. Players can obtain sculk blocks generated by sculk catalyst using a hoe.

Sculk shriekers are the scariest and most dangerous blocks Minecrafters have ever seen. This block lets out a high-pitched, horrifying shriek after detecting vibrations. If a sculk shrieker shrieks too many times, a Warden will spawn off the ground and start attacking the player.

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