Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update: Every feature, mob, additions revealed so far

Minecraft The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live 2021 was a blast as Mojang announced the much-awaited Wild Update featuring new trees, mobs, blocks, and various exciting new content. Mob Vote 2021 was also a major success as over 1.1 million players voted in the final round.

The main spotlight of the event was the 1.19 update. Mojang has officially announced The Wild Update aimed at revamping the dull swamp biomes. Along with new features for swamps, Mojang is also bringing the deek dark caves and Warden with the 1.19 update.

Minecraft The Wild Update will add mangrove trees, frogs, fireflies, mud blocks, and more. This article covers everything revealed about the 1.19 update.

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update


New mobs

The Wild Update confirms that Minecraft developers will also add mob who were lost in the biome vote. In 2022, Mojang will update the swamp biome and new mobs to it.

Ribbit! That’s no frog in our throat, but it is the sound of the newest mob to take up residence in swamp biomes – frogs!↣

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update will add different types of frogs and tadpoles to the game. Developers have said frogs will be helpful for all kinds of players but haven't revealed how. Since they are adding frogs, Mojang also had to add some food for them. Frogs will consume fireflies, a new mob coming to Minecraft in The Wild Update.

The terrifying Warden will also be coming to Minecraft in the 1.19 update. Mojang has decided to shift both Warden and deep dark caves to The Wild Update.

Mangrove swamp

But where can I root out these newest of trees, we hear you cry!? In our newest of biomes, of course, the Mangrove Swamp!↣

Mangrove swamp is a brand new type of swamp biome coming to Minecraft. These biomes will be covered with mangrove trees, a new kind of tree, and yes, these trees have their own specific wood type. Mangrove blocks look like a combination of jungle and acacia.

Mangrove swamps are also going to have a new dirt-type block called mud. This block looks similar to mycelium but has a plain dark grayish texture. Players will be able to remove water from mud blocks using dripstone and turn them into clay.

With the addition of mud, clay will become completely renewable. Developers are also adding mud bricks which can be made mud blocks.

Deep dark caves

We couldn’t resist giving you another look at the Deep Dark together with some new unseen features!↣

Deep dark caves delay was no surprise to players as developers stopped talking about it on Twitter. During Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang officially moved the deep dark caves to 1.19 update. Developers also showcased a new structure for this creepy biome and different types of sculk blocks.

In the deep dark caves, players will find massive structures called ancient cities. These structures are made of various deepslate blocks and are home to all kinds of sculk blocks. In ancient cities, players will find many loot chests filled with valuables.

Developers also showcased new sculk blocks: sculk catalyst and sculk shrieker. Sculk catalyst will be used for farming sculk blocks, whereas sculk shrieker will call the Warden if activated too many times.

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