Minecraft star Dream claps back at Kaceytron after she takes a dig at his Speedrun cheating controversy

Dream recently responded to a tweet by Kaceytron
Dream recently responded to a tweet by Kaceytron

Minecraft star Dream recently clapped back at Twitch streamer Kacey "Kaceytron" Caviness after the latter appeared to take an unsavory jibe at his Speedrun cheating controversy.

In a recent tweet, Kaceytron admitted to "cheating" on fellow streamer Matthew "Mizkif" Renaudo's Twitch show, Schooled.

However, as she proceeded to highlight how cheating sets a bad precedent, she couldn't resist taking a jibe at Dream, with whom she had recently been involved in a feud of sorts online:

The last line of her aforementioned tweet about hiring a team of scientists is a jibe at Dream hiring an astrophysicist to disprove his speedrunning cheating accusations.

Her recent call out ended up attracting the attention of the Minecraft sensation, who decided to respond in a rather sarcastic manner:

In light of Dream's surprisingly fiery rebuttal, several of his fans soon took to Twitter to react to the same.

Fans react as Dream shuts down Kaceytron's attempt to shade him

In March this year, Kaceytron engaged in a viral feud with Dream fans, whom she referred to as "obsessive stans."

Her tweets on "queerbaiting" and the use of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) ended up touching upon a nerve with the Minecraft community, who proceeded to call her out over the same.

From posting a detailed Google Document to going on a rant on stream about how Dream stans were reportedly "weaponizing cancelation culture," Kaceytron's comments sparked severe backlash online.

She courted further controversy after she and her sister Holly Cannabis ganged up against Dream on the live stream.

It appears that with her recent jibe, Kaceytron has not only stoked the fire once again but has also opened up the floodgates to a barrage of reactions from Dream's fans.

Here are some of the reactions online as fans were left in awe of the faceless sensation's subtle yet savage reply to Kaceytron:

In light of Dream directly responding to her tweet, Kaceytron returned the favor as she came up with an equally intriguing reply of her own:

Banter or not, Kaceytron x Dream's recent exchange certainly seems to have piqued the interest of the online community.

Moreover, with Dream's reply gaining a significant amount of traction online, it now remains to be seen what course his "feud" with Kaceytron ends up taking next.