Online mob of Minecraft “stans” gets Kaceytron's TikTok and Instagram disabled? The entire drama explained

Twitch streamer KaceyTron has claimed that she is being canceled by Minecraft “stans”
Twitch streamer KaceyTron has claimed that she is being canceled by Minecraft “stans”

Twitch streamer Kacey “KaceyTron” Caviness recently saw her Instagram and TikTok accounts disabled after Minecraft “stans” allegedly mass-reported them.

The Twitch streamer has been involved in a feud with the Minecraft community since last month. On March 19th, KaceyTron had posted a series of tweets allegedly aimed at Minecraft YouTubers such as Clay “Dream” and George Henry “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson.

She had accused these “streamers” of queerbaiting their fans and said that part of her real gay audience is sick of these jokes being made at their expense. This led to widespread criticism from the Minecraft community aimed at KaceyTron, after which she posted a response on March 25th.

KaceyTron explained that she had not encouraged people to “cancel” the YouTubers in question, and instead wanted to expose their fans’ hypocrisy. The response has since been met with further criticism, and the streamer has now accused Minecraft “stans” of getting her social media accounts disabled.

Twitch streamer KaceyTron accuses Minecraft “stans” of getting her social media accounts disabled

KaceyTron has been accused of attacking Minecraft YouTubers such as Dream multiple times. She had accused “stans” of ignoring the fact that their favorite “streamers” tend to make jokes about “queerbaiting.”

On the other hand, they try to get other internet personalities “canceled” for lesser mistakes.

In March 21st response that she posted on Twitter after getting criticized for her initial tweets, KaceyTron accused the Minecraft community of trying to “weaponize” cancel culture against her. Stans had apparently posted multiple accusations against the streamer, including offensive slurs, being homophobic, and being an alleged Trump supporter.


KaceyTron accused the community of digging up incidents that happened as many as seven years ago. She said that they only want people to feel like “s**t” and accused stans of online bullying.

The streamer talked about these assertions in detail during a Twitch stream. She ended up reading out alleged “death threats” that she received from the Minecraft community members.

“These are people who are knowingly and willingly using a term coined by Eminem, a homophobic sexist. I would be afraid too. I feel like a lot of these creators feel like they have been backed into a corner because of these stans. They will go to any length to make somebody feel marginalized.”

KaceyTron’s stream also featured her sister Holly Cannabis, who ended up calling Dream a “misogynist.” This led to further criticism from fans, as the Minecraft community talked about problems with the former’s past content, as seen in the tweets.

Yesterday, on April 9th, KaceyTron again posted about the matter on Twitter. She accused the Minecraft community of having a “mob mentality” and said that her Instagram account has been disabled due to constant reporting.

The same had apparently happened with KaceyTron’s TikTok account, with the streamer revealing she had been able to appeal the ban. The content creator also accused Minecraft stans of reporting her Twitch and Twitter accounts.

Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit
Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit

The post was met with lots of support, with fans calling her a “hero” for trying to expose the hypocrisy of Minecraft YouTubers and their fans.

Simultaneously, quite a few members of the Minecraft community seemed happy with her social media bans.

As seen above, fans claimed that she deserves to get “canceled” and said that she should not have made fun of Dream or his fanbase. The YouTuber himself has not yet officially responded to the matter.