Dream debunks accusations of faking Manhunt Boat Clutch in Minecraft 

Image via Dream/ YouTube
Image via Dream/ YouTube
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Minecraft star Dream recently left his legion of fans in complete awe of his crafting skills in-game, after he pulled off a legendary boat clutch in his latest Manhunt episode.

The recent episode of Dream's "Manhunt" series was a fast-paced event from start to finish, as fans wondered if he could somehow survive the onslaught of the rampaging hunters once again.

It also marked an appearance by Sam, aka the awesamdude, as the 5th hunter, which led to further excitement all around.

However, the stream shall forever be remembered for an almost impossible and high-IQ boat clutch that Dream pulled off, and that too while in mid-air.

While the majority of fans understandably gushed over the iconic feat that Dream had successfully managed to pull off, there were also a certain skeptical few who immediately began to question its legitimacy.

In light of swirling rumors of his boat clutch allegedly being "fake," Dream recently hosted a livestream in which he explained in detail how the legendary Minecraft moment actually came to fruition.

"I had already thought of all that stuff": Dream explains how he pulled off his iconic Boat Clutch in Minecraft Manhunt


Dream's livestream provided an in-depth analysis into how he pulled off his recent Boat Clutch, despite being at a disadvantage where time was concerned.

He revealed that as he was building iron furnaces, he realized that it was taking longer than usual.

This caused him to improvise on the spot as he put on his boots and cleared his inventory in the process.

After doing so, he then explained how he actually managed to craft a boat mid-air:

"So I was thinking I need to break my furnaces and then place a crafting table and then craft the boat. I realized reaction time is a big problem. So I'm like I need to prepare. I placed a crafting bench in order to craft the boat . So the thing is, this clutch would be absolutely impossible , 100 percent impossible if I hadn't already thought about crafting the boat because you just don't have reaction time, it's just impossible. Almost nobody has that fast reaction time, in the entire world, including me . "

He also revealed that he had a fair amount of practice in carrying out boat clutches, having done so numerous times in the past.

Keeping that in mind, he revealed that he had pre-planned his approach, which he was luckily able to carry out in reality:

"If I hadn't already been thinking 'I need to craft the boat' , 'I need to craft it super quickly ' , then I'd be dead. There's no chance I would've gotten it . I wasn't sitting there in mid-air going 'I'm going to craft a boat , I'm going to fling my cursor out the woods , no I had already thought of all that stuff. So all I had to do was just do it. Obviously a lot of luck comes in the way. "

In fact, the audacity of his feat even took him by surprise as he further revealed that while he was on a call with Sapnap, they both discussed how it looked fake at first glance, considering how fast he had managed to craft the boat.

With Dream providing a much-needed sense of clarity regarding his iconic feat, fans can now rewatch his Manhunt Boat Clutch, without a shadow of a doubt regarding his in-game skills.

You can watch Dream's Manhunt Boat Clutch in Minecraft Ma here:


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