“Dream’s haters are 100000x more toxic”: Minecraft star Dream unhappy with toxicity surrounding him

Dream's YouTube thumbnail (Image via DOODLE CLUBHOUSE on YouTube)
Dream's YouTube thumbnail (Image via DOODLE CLUBHOUSE on YouTube)

Today, popular Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer Clay “Dream” tweeted a message to show that he was upset at the amount of toxicity that was being spread around in light of his Game Awards 2021 win earlier today. He was saddened to see so many people bring up his infamous "cheating scandal" from last year and used that to form the conclusion that his award win was unjustified.

Arguably one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on both YouTube and Twitch, Dream is known for his various speed runs and challenges involving Minecraft. He is the founder of the popular Minecraft content creator server, the Dream SMP. His YouTube gaming series, Minecraft Manhunt, is one of the most-watched series of videos on YouTube, gathering hundreds of millions of views.

Minecraft streamer Dream responds to toxicity surrounding Game Awards win

dream haters are 100000x more toxic than dream stans welcome to my Ted talk

Earlier today, Dream won the Content Creator of the Year award at the 2021 Game Awards, beating out other popular YouTubers and streamers like Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, Alexandre “Gaules” Borba, Ibai Llanos Garatea, and David “The Grefg” Martínez. The 22-year-old streamer was ecstatic and was congratulated by many streamers and fans.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATOR OF THE YEAR!!!!!! this is so amazing, I love u all such an amazing community. #TheGameAwards
@Dream well done man, that's sick!
@Dream muchas felicidades amigo, congratulations, buen trabajo, nice job.
@Dream Deserved win, man’s changed the whole game of Minecraft on twitch and the viewer community. One hell of a community for sure 💯

Many fans tweeted back at Dream after his unhappy tweet, rising to his defense and offering words of encouragement and congratulations. Streamers like Valkyrae, Anthony Padilla, and fellow Minecraft content creators like BadBoyHalo and Karl Jacobs also tweeted back at him, egging him on and convincing him to focus on the positive.

@dreamwastaken imagine being so obsessed with hating someone
@dreamwastaken When I won content creator of the year last year, the people that didn’t think I deserved it were loud but we have to focus on the many people who genuinely support! You should be proud. You won, you’re a great creator as well as all the other nominees. Go celebrate! 🎉
@dreamwastaken Who is this Ted and what is he taking about?
@dreamwastaken Dream haters cause more damage to this world than climate change and all sicknesses.... combinedSTOP HATING ON DREAM ✋ HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE US 🌏❤️

The streamer sent out another tweet after his initial post, saying that his “cheating scandal” was now almost a year old, signifying that he was tired of people using it as a reason to be toxic towards him. Responding to a tweet that said his haters would not be happy with his statement, he indicated that he didn’t care and loved the attention, indicating that he was standing his ground.

also it was creator of the YEAR haters, the “cheating scandal” was so last year 🙄
@dreamwastaken king they aren’t going to be happy with this tweet
@zyra4k let em be salty I love the attention
@zyra4k while I’m ruffling feathers the mob vote was also last year, get some new content losers 😎
@dreamwastaken they’ll dig up anything just to make you feel bad, it’s ridiculous 💀
@dreamwastaken Imagine that you are so obsessed with dream as to enter your Twitter account, and fill it with hatred
@dreamwastaken "cheater" or not it was still entertaining... That's what creator of the year is anyways
@dreamwastaken bestie they are kids np

Most of the “hate” and toxicity in question has been surrounding Dream’s infamous “cheating scandal” that took place back in December 2020. The long and lengthy controversy ended with Dream issuing an apology to the Minecraft community for unintentionally using some modifications that affected his speedrun.

Even a year later, it doesn’t seem like Dream’s “haters” have forgotten the incident, with many people believing that he did not deserve the Content Creator of the Year award.

@hitchariide @Dream "changed the game" is a way of saying you cheated, well played
@Dream Personally, I think you shouldn't have won. I know I am going to get angry Tweets from Dream fangirls or fanboys. I have a right to my own opinion. I am sorry if you don't agree with my opinion. I have a lot more to say but I want to keep this Tweet fairly civil.
@Dream I want to block every single person who liked it
@Dream Only reason you won is because no one knows the other creators that much. At least put mr beast in there that would be a competition!
@Dream Undeserved + twomad better + ratio
@Dream Content creator the year:GrfgFhkdksJdjfhcjdJdjdkDreamDream wins
@Dream Dude really just ran around in minecraft and won this: no editing no production quality glad 12 year olds can vote

Dream is widely known for his Minecraft content on both Twitch and YouTube and has garnered an impressive following of over 27 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and over 5 million followers on Twitch.

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