Easiest way to get a Nether Star in Minecraft

Nether Star (Image via u/technocrafter18 Reddit)
Nether Star (Image via u/technocrafter18 Reddit)
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The Nether Star is one of the rarest and most difficult items to possess in Minecraft. This magical object can only be obtained in one way, by defeating an extremely strong mob, the Wither. Even if getting the item is hard, there is a clever and easy way to obtain the rare Nether Star.

Nether Star is a powerful item that can only be used to make a Beacon. A Beacon is then used to grant powerful effects to the players when in the vicinity of the Beacon.

These Beacons can help players mine faster, run faster, fight stronger, regenerate their health, and much more.

How to easily get Nether Star in Minecraft


Nether Stars can only be obtained by killing the Wither, the second boss mob in Minecraft after Ender Dragon. It doesn't spawn naturally, so players will have to summon it manually. Wither is considered stronger and more dangerous than the Ender Dragon, but there is an easy way to kill the boss mob and obtain the Nether Star.

Killing the Wither with a Bedrock trap in Minecraft

The Wither (Image via Minecraft)
The Wither (Image via Minecraft)

Wither can be manually summoned with the help of three wither skulls and four soul sand blocks. When the boss mob spawns, it causes a massive explosion, completely obliterating everything in its way. After this, Wither shoots explosive wither skulls towards the players.

Even if the Wither can break through almost any block, there are a few blocks in Minecraft that can't be damaged by the menacing boss mob, like bedrock. Bedrock is arguably the strongest block in the game, and hence if the players trap Wither in bedrock blocks, it becomes powerless.

Wither stuck inside bedrock blocks (Image via u/Alvinofelix Reddit)
Wither stuck inside bedrock blocks (Image via u/Alvinofelix Reddit)

The easiest way to get a Nether Star in Minecraft is by trapping the Wither in bedrock blocks and killing it. Players can spawn the Wither underneath the bedrock fountain on main End Island to efficiently trap and kill the mob.

Wither only drops one Nether Star, and hence this trick can be repeated to collect loads of Nether Star and craft many Beacons.

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