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The nether in Minecraft is known for its spooky, hell-like environment.

Thanks to the recent Minecraft nether update, there are now five biomes to explore in the nether compared to only one previously. The nether is now a much more dynamic realm, as each biome has a unique look and experience to it.

Most Minecraft players can agree that the nether is a terrifying place no matter what the biome, but each one has its own negatives and positives. Because every biome is so different, some undoubtedly outrank others considering what each one has to offer.

In this article, all five nether biomes are ranked from worst to best.

*Please be aware: this article solely reflects the author’s opinion.*

Ranking, pros & cons of Minecraft nether biomes

5) Basalt Deltas

Basalt deltas biome is in last place. Basalt deltas have incredibly spiky terrain, making it difficult to navigate. There are often many one-block-wide holes filled with lava for players to easily fall, get stuck, and die in. Large chunks of basalt blocks make for an overwhelmingly gray flush of surface area, creating a dull-looking environment.

This biome also tends to spawn a wild amount of magma cubes, which are nothing but nuisances unless Minecraft players are looking for magma cream. Save for the occasional nether fortress that can sometimes spawn in the basalt deltas, there is virtually nothing too important to gain from this biome.

4) Soul Sand Valley

In fourth place is the soul sand valley. While this biome has an intriguing and cool design, especially including the many fossils typically scattered throughout, soul sand valleys have one stark negative: soul sand.

Soul sand restricts players' ability to run, causing nether exploration to decrease to a frustratingly slow pace. Without this complication, soul sand valleys would be more ideal Minecraft biomes. However, the slowness adds to the challenge of the game, and players can even enchant their boots to travel faster through soul sand.

Soul sand and its counterpart block soul soil do have some uses. Players can use the blocks to craft soul torches, soul campfires and even withers.

3) Crimson Forest

The crimson forest biome is a dynamic, visually interesting environment, ranking third on this list. Crimson forests are good places to stock up on wood and food if a Minecraft player is in need and nowhere near their portal. They are also convenient places to obtain shroomlights and easily accessible glowstone to decorate builds, homes, and bases.

Crimson forests are not the best nether biome by far, due to the high amount of hostile mobs and their intense red color. The different shades of red jumbled right next to each other can sometimes be an eyesore for some Minecraft players.

2) Nether Wastes

Minecraft players might be sick of the nether wastes biome considering it was the only nether biome for a significant amount of time. But, the nether wastes can provide players with lots of advantages.

This classic biome is stacked with netherrack, which are easy to mine and collect when in need of building blocks. The nether fortress is most likely to be spawned in a nether wastes biome. Luckily, they are arguably the easiest biome to navigate, thanks to their mostly barren terrain. Bastion remnants are also commonly found in the nether wastes biome, along with plenty of piglins to trade using gold ingots.

1) Warped Forest

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Coming in at number one, the warped forest biome is ranked as the best nether biome in Minecraft. Judging on visuals alone, it’s clear why warped forests are better than the rest. With a nice combination of teal-ish warped blocks, red netherrack, and plenty of shroomlights, it is easily one of the most captivating parts in the entire game.

The only mobs players will run into in warped forests are endermen and the occasional strider. Neither of these mobs are inherently hostile, so it is a relatively safe place for Minecraft players to be. Players in need of ender pearls can obtain them quickly by visiting a warped forest. Overall, warped forests simply have much more benefits than disadvantages.

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