Top 5 scariest things about the nether in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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The nether consistently proves to be relentlessly spooky and nerve-wracking for Minecraft players.

The most recent major Minecraft update was the 1.16 nether update, which incorporated brand new biomes and mobs into the terrifying realm. Since then, finding the nether fortress via exploration has become incredibly more scary and difficult due to the numerous additions.

Every aspect of the nether is inherently scary by design, however some elements are scarier than others. Objectively, here are the top five scariest things about the nether.

The most frightening things about the nether in Minecraft

5) Blazes

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Blazes are the most crucial mobs to encounter when playing through a survival world. Without killing blazes to collect blaze rods, players cannot craft the ender eyes needed to go to the end.

Because they are a necessity, they are among the scariest mobs in Minecraft. Blazes shoot fire at players and can potentially burn them to death. Even from many blocks away, blaze can shoot fire at players if spotted. A shield is always recommended to defend against an attack from a blaze.

Blaze spawners can quickly become terminals of terror. Multiple blazes can spawn in a split second, which can be jarring for Minecraft players. The more blazes there are, the more fire there will be, increasing a player’s death probability.

4) Hoglins

Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft

Hoglins were added to Minecraft with the 1.16 nether update. They can be found in crimson forest biomes and sometimes around bastion remnants.

Hoglins are extremely hostile mobs. They love to chase after players at high speeds. The scariest part about hoglins is their ability to fling players, dealing both attack and fall damage. Hoglin attacks do significant damage to players, so it might be smart to avoid biomes where hoglins spawn unless geared with armor.

3) Wither Skeletons

Wither skeletons

can be found within nether fortresses. Fighting blazes in a fortress is already scary, and wither skeletons make it an even more terrifying place to be.

When attacked by a wither skeleton, players incur a wither effect, causing their health to deteriorate for ten seconds. This can easily lead to death if a player cannot heal enough in time. It only takes a single hit from a wither skeleton, and players can be in extreme danger.

Wither skeletons always spawn in groups, so players will be in for a horrifying experience at just the sight of one.

2) Ghasts

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

It’s safe to say that every experienced Minecraft player has had an utterly frightening encounter with a ghast.

Ghasts can spawn seemingly out of nowhere at any given time. Usually, Minecraft players will hear the mob’s bone-chilling shriek before seeing the ghast. The ghast sound effects are undoubtedly jolting and disturbing to hear while exploring the nether.

Similar to blazes, ghasts also shoot fire at players. This can be especially scary to deal with when trying to build bridges over large lava pools, as a ghast could shoot a player to their death at any given moment.

Additionally, ghasts are difficult to battle without a bow and arrows. Shields are recommended for protection against ghasts, and players can also hit the mobs by sending their fireballs back to ghasts with a projectile hit.

1) Lava

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The only non-mob on this list definitely belongs at number one. Lava, by far, is the scariest part of the nether.

Lava is everywhere in the nether. It can be gigantic pools, massive falling streams and even hidden within huge chunks of blocks that come pouring out when mined. Lava makes doing anything in the nether monumentally more scary given that players can run or fall into it anywhere.

Also, dying by lava will burn any items dropped after death. When drowning in a lava pool, for example, players will not be able to return to their place of death and collect their inventory after respawning.

As Minecraft updates continue to release, it’s safe to assume the nether will continue to develop as well. It may be hard to accomplish given the level of horror already in-game, but the nether will most likely get spookier with every update. YouTuber Logdotzip made a video with new nether mob ideas that players might want to see in the next big nether update.

For some helpful tips in regards to dealing with nether mobs in Minecraft, take a look at this video by ibxtoycat on YouTube.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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