Everything known about horses in Minecraft

Horses can be great mobs in the game (Image via Minecraft)
Horses can be great mobs in the game (Image via Minecraft)
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Horses are some of the most pleasurable mobs in Minecraft and have proven to be useful companions.

They are excellent travel buddies, as they are swift and can move over steep areas. Not to mention that they are an excellent company to have along the way.

Minecraft horse variations

There are different types of horses in Minecraft that would not be considered horses in real life. This is because the same methods and effects apply to all the mob variants.

#1 - Normal horses

The standard horse is good at jumping and moving quickly but does not offer the option to haul goods. These are best for short travels and conflicts.

#2 - Zombie horses

These horses were recently brought in with the aquatic update and cannot be ridden if spawned by players. These uncommon zombie variants don't threaten villagers, nor do they die in the sun.

#3 - Skeleton horses

These rare variations of horses/skeletons won't drown but will despawn quickly. They occur when a horse is struck by lightning.

#4 - Mules

When a horse and a donkey are bred, they will produce a mule. Like their donkey parent, they can carry items for the player but can't equip armor. This leaves them vulnerable, but they are still handy.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Speeding up time taken to tame a horse

A horse will eventually become tame if players hop on enough times after they are bucked off. To expedite the process, Minecraft players can use these foods to feed the horse:

Once the horse is tame, it will not knock the player off. However, to gain control of the horse's movements in Minecraft and what direction they go, players must have a saddle ready to equip the horse. If they do not have a saddle for the horse, they can't direct it and will have to use a lead to take it back to base until they do have one.

Gamers should also consider putting together armor for their horse if they're going to take it out into dangerous territory.

Breeding a Minecraft horse

To breed a horse in Minecraft, a player can feed two horses within a close distance and time a golden apple or a golden carrot. Both the horses must be tame for this to be possible.

A horse can also be bred with a donkey to make a mule. The mule, however, cannot be bred with another mule, donkey, or horse. As is in reality, it is completely sterile.

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