Full list of achievements added to Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update Part 1

(Image via TrueAchievements)
(Image via TrueAchievements)

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update's first part is finally here, and it has been live for just under 24 hours. Players have been able to play the first part of the update and discover some of the new features that were added to the game.

The first part of the update introduced players to new mobs such as goats, axolotls and glow squids. There are new blocks that were also released into the full game yesterday.

Some of the new items released into the game include Amethyst, Dripleaf, Deepslate, Copper, Azalea and many more new sound effects and blocks that players may discover while playing the new update.

New achievements were also added to the game! Achievements are what players earn for completing specific tasks within the game. Lots of players aim to complete all the achievements in the game, and on some platforms, there is even an achievement for completing all of the achievements!

In this article, players will learn what new achievements were added to Minecraft along with Part one release of the Minecraft 1.17 update, and how to complete them!

All new Minecraft achievements from 1.17 Part 1

Wax On, Wax Off

(Image via PCGamesN)
(Image via PCGamesN)

This is one of the newer achievements that was added to Minecraft along with Part 1 of the 1.17 update. This achievement involves one of the new blocks in the game!

Players must apply and remove wax from all of the copper blocks. Copper blocks are a new addition to the game that was added with this update as well.

Players will be able to discover the new blocks and play around with it while on a journey to complete the achievement.

Whatever Floats your Goat

(Image va PCGamesN)
(Image va PCGamesN)

Goats are one of the new mobs that was introduced into the Minecraft game during the new update. Players can interact with them too.

In order for players to unlock this achievement, they must first locate a goat. This will not be too hard. Goats are located mainly in cliffs and mountain biomes within the game.

Once the players find a goat in Minecraft, they will need to create a boat and place it down beside the goat. Next, players will need to push the goat inside of the boat and get inside of the boat with the mob.

After doing this, the achievement should be unlocked for the player. If it still does not, players may need to put the boat in a body of water.

The Healing Power of Friendship!

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

This new achievement involves one of the new mobs in the game, the Axolotl. To unlock this achievement, players will need to team up with an Axolotl and win a fight against another mob.

In this new update, Minecraft players can team up with the new axolotl mob to defeat underwater mobs. Axolotls will grant players with regeneration and remove mining fatigue from a player when a player kills a mob that is attacking the Axolotl.

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