Gunpowder in Minecraft: How to obtain, uses and more

Gunpowder (Image via Minecraft)
Gunpowder (Image via Minecraft)

Gunpowder is a fascinating item in Minecraft. It is used to make all kinds of explosion-related items in the game. All the items that explode or have explosive tendencies, have this item in them. Players have been using it for a long time now.

There are several types of mobs, blocks, etc. that explode in the game. This explosion depends on the type of item or mob, for example a TNT explosion is slightly more powerful than a Creeper.

Except for End Crystals, all other mobs and items have some connection to this item. Hence, players must know everything about the item to use it in various scenarios.

Everything to know about Gunpowder in Minecraft


How to get the item

Though it doesn't come under the rare items that are in the game, it is still tricky to get a hold of, especially for new players. It cannot be crafted, therefore it has to be found naturally in the wild. There are several places where players can find the item.

Mobs from which the item can be obtained (Image via Minecraft)
Mobs from which the item can be obtained (Image via Minecraft)

  • Creepers: Creepers have explosive tendencies where they sneak up to a player and explode. When players kill them, they have a good chance of dropping the item.
  • Ghasts: Ghasts shoot fireballs at players that explode, hence they can also drop this item upon death, along with ghast tears.
  • Witches: Witches can drop all kinds of items that are used to brew several potions, this also includes gunpowder.
  • Trading: Players can find this item from a wandering trader for one emerald.
  • Chest Loot: This can also be found in several structures like Dungeons, Desert Temple, Shipwreck and Woodland Mansion as chest loot.


After players obtain the item, it can be used to make several explosion-related items and even a certain type of potion. One can make fireball charges, firework rockets, firework stars, and TNT with gunpowder.

Main uses of the item (Image via Minecraft)
Main uses of the item (Image via Minecraft)

Fireball charges can be used in several combats. Fireworks rockets can be used to fly with an Elytra and firework stars can be used to create beautiful rocket explosions. TNT can simply be used to explode anything.

This item can also be used to convert any kind of normal potion into a splash potion.

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