How to create farms for more XP in Minecraft

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Modified 06 Apr 2021

In Minecraft, experience points are one of the most valuable resources. Both beginners and experienced players require XP to enchant items, repair items, and more.

Manually killing mobs, breeding mobs, and trading produces a good amount of XP in Minecraft, but they are not enough for a player's need after some time. Automatic XP farms are the best source of XP in Minecraft. These farms use various in-game mechanics like mobs spawning radius to produce outputs efficiently.

This article discusses how to create farms to get more XP in Minecraft.

How to create farms for more XP in Minecraft

How to make a simple Enderman XP Farm?

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Endermen are easy to farm and drop five experience points after dying. These scary tall mobs are the only mobs that spawn naturally in the end realm. Endermen attack endermites spawned using ender pearls. Players can use endermites to trap endermen and gain a lot of XP.

YouTuber Chapman has shown how to build a safe enderman XP farm. Some enderman farms are risky due to being above the void or having less protection from enderman.

This farm is built over the portal in the end. Players shouldn't worry about the portal since it is still usable. This design works by attracting all the endermen nearby using the endermite.

Players must place an endermite inside the minecart at the top of the center bedrock pillar and over the endermite until the farm is complete. Users must then go five-block distance from the bedrock pillar and dig a 3*2 area and build a 3x3 leave wall.

Then place the trap doors as shown in the image [Mobs think of trap doors as a full block. They try to walk over it and end up falling] and place two water blocks on two sides to cover the portal.

Image via YouTube/Chapman
Image via YouTube/Chapman

To make a one-hit kill farm, players have to dig down around 40 blocks from the 3*2 area on the surface. Create a hopper collection system to obtain ender pearls from endermen.

Once the collection system/killing chamber is ready, remove the blocks around the endermite. The farm will be working as the enderman come straight to the leaf wall and fall.

Players can increase the efficiency of the farm by making the top surface flat as possible and using a sword with a sweeping edge and sharpness enchantment to kill the endermen.

Other farms to build for more XP

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Enderman XP farm is easy to make, but there are many other excellent XP farms as well. A well-built zombie piglin farm can take a player from zero XP level to 30 in just a few minutes.

Spawner-based farms produce a lot of XP and are one of the simplest farms to make in Minecraft. Players can also make classic mob tower farms to get lots of XP and various mob drops.

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Published 06 Apr 2021
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