Top 5 Minecraft farm ideas to get more XP for beginners

XP has become necessary in today
XP has become necessary in today's Minecraft gameplay (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Modified 02 Apr 2021
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Experience Points are a versatile resource in Minecraft. Players need XP for enchanting, repairing mending tools, name tags, and more.

Experience Points are small yellow and green colored orbs. Players can increase their XP level by collecting them. In the early days of Minecraft, Experience Points did not have any purpose, but now XP has become necessary.

There are many ways to obtain XP in this game. Players can do so by killing mobs, breeding animals, via villager trading, and smelting. Out of all these methods, killing mobs is the best way to get XP in Minecraft.

Gaining XP in the starting days of a new Minecraft world can be difficult sometimes, so here are some easy XP farm ideas for beginners.

Minecraft farms for beginners: Top 5 XP farms

#5 - Zombie/Skeleton spawner farm

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Spawner-based farms are one of the easiest XP farms in Minecraft.

A spawner spawns up to four mobs at a time if players are within a 16-block distance from it. Spawners are found inside dungeons surrounded by mossy and usual cobblestone blocks.


Users need to make a 9x9x8 empty room with the spawner at the center, and covering it with torches on all sides prevents it from spawning mobs. They can use water buckets on the floor to direct mobs towards the killing chamber, after which they can get easy XP and other resources.

#4 - Raid farm

If players with a bad omen effect get close to a villager, pillagers will start raiding the village. Players can farm XP, emeralds, and many other items from raids. They can find a pillager outpost to get bad omen whenever needed.

This simple farm raid farm by YouTuber Mysticat is easy to build and produces lots of XP, emeralds, and totems of undying. Players can also get saddles for their horses using this farm.

#3 - Smelting

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Smelting is often underestimated for XP farming. Players can create automatic XP using some bamboo and cactus. They can create an automatic bamboo and cactus farm and direct both of them to a furnace.

Bamboo smelts cactus into green dye in Minecraft, and Experience Points from smelting keep accumulating in the furnace. When they remove an item from the furnace, it will give XP of all the cactus smelted previously.

#2 - Zombie trap farm

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Zombies are attracted to villagers, meaning players can make a simple trap using a villager and catch zombies at night.

They can trap one villager a few blocks above the surface and then use water to lead zombies to their death. The only flaw in this farm is that it works only at night.

#1 - Classic mob XP farm


The Classic Tower Mob farm is one of the oldest mob farms in Minecraft. If built correctly, players can farm tons of XP, and the best place to create it is high up in the sky or the middle of the ocean.

This farm works by creating a dark chamber for mob spawning and making them fall through a long tube. YouTuber Voltrox shows how to build the classic mob tower farm step-by-step in Minecraft.

This farm produces spider eyes, strings, zombie flesh, arrows, gun powder, and different armor and weapons.

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Published 02 Apr 2021, 17:21 IST
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