How to defeat ravager in Minecraft easily

Bunch of ravagers (Image via Minecraft)
Bunch of ravagers (Image via Minecraft)
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The world of Minecraft is filled with various types of living creatures called mobs. They come in different sizes and behaviors. Some mobs are passive in nature and won't hurt players such as cows, sheep, axolotls, whereas mobs like zombies, pillagers, and ravagers are hostile towards players.

The 1.14 update added a new type of mob: illagers. These mobs are hostile towards villagers, iron golem, and players. They can be divided into pillagers, evokers, illusioners, and vindicators. Illagers often use terrifying ravagers to raid villagers.

Ravagers are deadly beasts with a strength similar to iron golems. They have 50 hearts and can deal up to 12 heart damage in hard difficulty. Without a doubt, they are one of the strongest enemies players can face in Minecraft.

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Defeating ravager in Minecraft


Like many other hostile mobs, ravagers do not spawn naturally in Minecraft. So, players don't have to worry about suddenly finding a ravager threatening their lives. Ravagers only spawn during pillager raids.

Pillager raid is an in-game event that occurs when a player with bad omen curse enters a village. Killing a raid captain will apply the bad omen effect on the player. Remember, even one villager is considered a village. So, do not go near any villagers with an active bad omen effect. Players can remove bad omen by drinking milk.

Ravagers spawn during a raid (Image via Minecraft)
Ravagers spawn during a raid (Image via Minecraft)

However, if a player ends up triggering a raid, they will have to face the horde of illagers and ravagers. Even though ravagers are pretty strong and big, they are pretty easy to deal with in Minecraft. Due to their low height, players can easily make a tall tower and hit them with a bow.

Players can also use bows to take care of them from a far distance. Ravagers can spawn with an illager riding it. So, it is better to take care of them before fighting the ravager. Sadly, players cannot tame or ride the ravager even though it spawns with a saddle.


Manually killing ravagers is possible but can be risky at times. Players can build a raid farm to kill ravagers as well as pillagers easily in Minecraft. A raid farm can produce XP, emeralds, saddles, and more.

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