How to download Minecraft 1.19.3 snapshot 22w43a for Java Edition

Chiseled bookshelves, available in snapshots (Image via Mojang)
Chiseled bookshelves, available in snapshots (Image via Mojang)

Last week, the first snapshot for Minecraft Java Edition was released. Version 1.19.3 introduced new experimental features coming to the title with the next update. The second snapshot was released today, one week after the first. While it doesn't introduce as many big changes as the last one, which brought camels and chiseled bookshelves, it does offer important alterations.

The 1.20 update for Minecraft is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023, with many expecting it to arrive in the first quarter of the year. This is why Mojang has begun working on features it intends to add to the update and is also improving the overall game. To take advantage of the features in the latest snapshot, you will need to download 22w43a, which is available now. Here's how you can do that.

Getting new features in Minecraft snapshot 22w43a

Fortunately, getting the latest snapshot is a simple process. Here's how you can do it with ease:

  1. Open the Minecraft Java Edition Launcher on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Installations tab.
  3. There is an option to enable snapshots. Enable the latest one, 22w43a.
  4. Return to the Play tab in the Launcher.
  5. Start a new world from there if you want to go ahead and try out the new features.

From there, the new world and any subsequent worlds should have the snapshot and all its features enabled.

A hanging sign, one of the experimental features (Image via Mojang)
A hanging sign, one of the experimental features (Image via Mojang)

If you wish to turn snapshots off and revert back to the current, full version of the game, simply navigate back to the Installations tab and disable snapshots.

After enabling the latest snapshot, you can get experimental features, which includes:

  • Camels
  • Chiseled bookshelves
  • Hanging signs
  • Bamboo wood items
  • Bamboo rafts

To get these features, turn them on in the World Settings of a brand new world.

More information about latest snapshot

Mojang had this to say about their latest snapshot:

"Did you know that Camels walk by lifting both legs on one side at the same time? Yes, in snapshot 22w43a, Minecraft knows too! This snapshot also contains another round of tweaks to the Creative Inventory. Happy Mining!"

Mojang continues to revamp the Creative tab. It may look unfamiliar when all the changes have been made, but here's what the developers added to a brand new Redstone Devices tab:

  • Boat with Chests
  • Bell
  • Big Dripleaf
  • White Wool next to Sculk Sensor
  • String next to Tripwire Hook
  • Redstone Ores
  • Chiseled Bookshelf

Functional Blocks, another new tab, got these items placed into it:

  • Ominous Banner
  • Dragon Egg
  • Lectern
  • Lightning Rod
  • Note Block

Several other items were moved around, too. Additionally, Mojang fixed a lot of bugs that Minecraft players were experiencing, such as the inability to block End Crystal blasts — the item has been moved to a new Creative section, too — with a shield.

Gamers can now also use water to extinguish the fire they're on while inside a boat, which was previously impossible. For more information, please check out the official Minecraft website, which has the full patch notes.