How did Dream's team perform in Minecraft Championship (MCC) 21?

Dream's team, Team Green Geckos, came at a respectable fourth place during Minecraft Championship 21 (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
Dream's team, Team Green Geckos, came at a respectable fourth place during Minecraft Championship 21 (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
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On Saturday, April 30, 2022, Team Green Geckos (consisting of Dream, TommyInnit, Sylvee, and vGumiho) claimed the ever-respectable team finish of fourth place at the end of Minecraft Championship 21.

The Minecraft Championships (abbreviated as "MCC") are a series of monthly tournaments hosted through the combined efforts of The Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor" Major, the latter of which is responsible for creating the ten four-player teams involved in the event that audiences anticipate the reveal of each time a championship rolls around.

The tournament pits these ten teams against each other in nine rounds of minigames designed to test various skills within Minecraft. The focus of these nine minigames can range from anything skill-based like parkour, speed-bridging, or player-versus-player combat, to something more general such as teamwork and problem solving.

Team Green Geckos take fourth place in Minecraft Championship 21


Clay "Dream" was placed on Team Green Geckos in Minecraft Championship 21. For the prestigious event, he was teamed with two competitors he's fought with before, Tommy "TommyInnit" Simons and Sylvia "Sylvee" Frank, and one whom he hadn't been teamed with before, Crystal "vGumiho."

Team Green Geckos fought hard throughout the event and placed fourth overall with a commendable final coin total of 16,518.

Dream has consistently been a fan-favorite competitor in the Minecraft Championships. His final standings in the event are anticipated and viewed, communally, more than any other participant's final results. While there might be fans who were disappointed with the faceless competitor's recent lack of championship victories, it's important for audiences to remember that, at the end of the day, the event is put on entirely for fun.

Here are the full final team standings for Minecraft Championship 21:

1st: Team Cyan Coyotes (18957)

  • Sapnap
  • Seapeekay
  • Snifferish
  • KryticZeuz

2nd: Team Blue Bats (19566)

  • 5Up
  • Tubbo
  • Jack Manifold
  • Purpled

3rd: Team Yellow Yaks (18018)

  • Smallishbeans
  • fWhip
  • Rendog
  • Fruitberries

4th: Team Green Geckos (16518)

  • Dream
  • TommyInnit
  • Sylvee
  • vGumiho

5th: Team Purple Pandas (15505)

  • Punz
  • Awesamdude
  • Ponk
  • Smajor

6th: Team Pink Parrots (15388)

  • Ranboo
  • Wilbur Soot
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Sneegsnag

7th: Team Orange Ocelots (15170)

  • Illumina
  • Ph1LzA
  • ElainaExe
  • Shubble

8th: Team Aqua Axolotls (14571)

  • Antfrost
  • BadBoyHalo
  • Gee Nelly
  • jojosolos

9th: Team Krimson Krakens (13468)

  • Krtzyy
  • Captain Sparklez
  • KaraCorvus
  • Krinios

10th: Team Lime Llamas (12261)

  • PeteZahHutt
  • Solidarity
  • GoodTimesWithScar
  • Grian

How did Team Green Geckos perform individually in Minecraft Championship 21?


One of the event's trademarks has been to rank each competitor's individual performances as well as their overall results as a team. Despite coming in fourth for the overall event, Team Green Geckos was still able to slip its name into the top ten individual performances of Minecraft Championship 21.

TommyInnit managed to claim the tenth position on the individual leaderboard, making him the only member of his team to be listed in the top ten individual scores for the twenty-first rendition of the event.

Dream, individually, came in seventeenth while his remaining teammates, Sylvee and vGumiho, came in at twenty-first and thirty-second, respectively.

Here are the final individual standings for Minecraft Championship 21:

1st: Sapnap (3299)

2nd: Fruitberries (3048)

3rd: Purpled (2742)

4th: Illumina (2692)

5th: Seapeekay (2649)

6th: 5Up (2604)

7th: Smallishbeans (2580)

8th: jojosolos (2517)

9th: Punz (2505)

10th: TommyInnit (2481)

11th: Tubbo (2280)

12th: PeteZahHutt (2218)

13th: Jack Manifold (2093)

14th: Ph1LzA (2091)

15th: KryticZeuz (2083)

16th: Antfrost (2019)

17th: Dream (2019)

18th: fWhip (2018)

19th: Krtzyy (2010)

20th: GeorgeNotFound (1923)

21st: Sylvee (1900)

22nd: Smajor (1895)

23rd: Captain Sparklez (1886)

24th: Ranboo (1875)

25th: Grian (1849)

26th: Rendog (1829)

27th: Sneegsnag (1759)

28th: Snifferish (1657)

29th: Wilbur Soot (1650)

30th: Ponk (1636)

31st: Shubble (1589)

32nd: vGumiho (1541)

33rd: Awesamdude (1496)

34th: Krinios (1479)

35th: KaraCorvus (1450)

36th: BadBoyHalo (1423)

37th: Gee Nelly (1417)

38th: ElainaExe (1364)

39th: GoodTimesWithScar (1257)

40th: Solidarity (1122)

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