How to find Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17 version easily

A cute Axolotl (Image via Mojang)
A cute Axolotl (Image via Mojang)
Rohan Jaiswal

Mojang has released the first part of the long-awaited Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update on 8th June 2021. Adding many new changes to the game, the most adorable additions to the sandbox game are the three new mobs: Goats, Glow Squid, the Axolotls - arguably the cutest of them all.

Axolotls are amphibious creatures added to Minecraft to raise awareness about these critically endangered species and to shed light on the importance of protecting these creatures.

Axolotls are fun aquatic mobs that the player can tame by feeding them a tropical fish from a Bucket of Tropical Fish. Players can also use a bucket of water on an axolotl to get a bucket of axolotl and keep them in chests, shulker boxes, and ender chests.

Mojang has added a feature to breed the axolotls in Minecraft as well. To do so, the two of them need to be near each other. The player needs to feed both of them to allow them to enter "Love Mode." This will make them breed and give birth to a baby axolotl in Minecraft.

When placed above water using a bucket, axolotls will try to get closest to the source of water, whether it is an ocean or a small lake. This is because they cannot survive outside water for more than 6000 game ticks, which translates to five minutes.

How to find Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls will spawn in the depths of oceans where it is dark. They can usually be found below sea level Y 63. They can also be found in lush caves at the appropriate depth. Players usually come across the fish on the way to mine diamonds in the new 1.17 Minecraft worlds.

Finding an axolotl is relatively peaceful because they will always be passive towards the player. But Axolotls are always hostile towards other aquatic mobs besides turtles and dolphins.

A Guardian and Axolotl Fighting (Image via Minecraft)
A Guardian and Axolotl Fighting (Image via Minecraft)

Axolotl's behavior can benefit a player when they try to take on the guardians and the elder guardians in the ocean monument. Players raid ocean monuments to defeat the three elder guardians and acquire rare items like sea lanterns, prismarine blocks, and dark prismarine blocks.

In this quest for rare items, this newly added aquatic mob can help them fight all the mobs protecting the ocean monument. This makes it easier for players to defeat the elder guardian.

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