How to find glow squids in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update

Glow squids are brightly glowing, passive creatures (Image via SystemZee on YouTube)
Glow squids are brightly glowing, passive creatures (Image via SystemZee on YouTube)

Glow squids are one of the three new mobs that have been added into Minecraft with the recently released first part of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update.

These brightly shining underwater mobs yield a few new uses, such as making signs and item frames glow in the dark that can be explored in part one of the update.

However, in order to craft these glowing item frames and signs, players must first discover where to find these elusive glow squids.

Where do glow squids spawn in Minecraft?


Glow squids will spawn in any deep ocean biome, whether it's a warm or cold ocean doesn't matter. That being said, glow squids only spawn in deep oceans murked with complete darkness. There cannot be a light source, such as a coral reef, nearby as it will prevent glow squids from spawning.

They spawn in groups of two to four, and will appear in deep oceans with blocks that have the, "base_stone_overworld," in-game tag less than five blocks below the spawning space. These blocks can be stone, deepslate, andesite, diorite, granit or tuff.

It's not uncommon to come across glow squids, despite how daunting their measures for spawning might seem. It really depends on the player's world seed, and how close the nearest dark, deep ocean biome is. If there's a nearby deep ocean biome that doesn't have a coral reef, it's worth gliding over with a boat to see if any glow squids can be spotted underwater.

Much like regular squids, their glowing counterparts move around rather aimlessly and aren't particularly fast. Because of their underwater shine, they're easily spotted from above the surface even if they're close to the seafloor.

Beware: Axolotls will attack glow squids on sight. It's recommended that players keep their pet axolotls at home before adventuring out in search of the elusive glow squids.

What can glow squids be used for in Minecraft?


Without the, "looting," enchantment, glow squids will drop one to three glow ink sacs.

In order to craft a glowing item frame, all players need to do is put a regular item frame in the center crafting spot, and a glow ink sac in one of the spaces adjacent to it. Much like crafting dyed wool, it works in any formation as long as there's both an item frame and glow ink sac present.

The glowing item frames will allow for any item put inside to glow in the dark, even on the darkest in-game nights.

Creating a glowing sign doesn't require a crafting table. Simply right-click a sign while holding a glow ink sac, and it should make the words on the sign glow in the dark. This feature also works with various sign text colors, so players can make any variant of sign text glow in its respective color the dark.


For those still confused, here's a quick tutorial that helps players learn how to craft each of these new, unique items in-game.

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