How to get and breed camels in Minecraft 1.20

Camels are the newest addition to Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Camels are the newest addition to Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

The latest Minecraft 1.20 experimental snapshot introduces many new features to the game, including the sniffer, bamboo blocks, chiseled bookshelves, hanging signs, and more. However, the camel mob is one adorable addition that stands out from the rest of the snapshot’s changes. These mobs serve as equivalents to the pre-existing horse mob and can be mounted and ridden like them.

One of the many things that make camels a unique mob is that they can only spawn inside a village that is located in the desert biome. According to the Minecraft Wiki, a camel tends to spawn at the center of a village and can wander aimlessly and attempt to sit down anywhere within or around it. They will avoid obstacles such as houses, wells, hay bales, fences, and other mobs while walking, but if they take damage, they will start to run.

Camels in Minecraft: Breeding, taming, and more


Breeding camels in Minecraft is similar to breeding other forms of fauna, with the exception that they cannot be tamed. Since they are a passive mob, their behavior towards players is always friendly, and they will not attack, even if attacked.

Camels can be made to follow the player if they hold a piece of cactus in their hand. In addition to this, feeding a piece of cactus to a camel will initiate the 'love mode' process. If two nearby camels are fed cacti, they’ll move towards each other and breed, producing a baby camel and rewarding the player with a small amount of experience points.


One of the biggest differences between the camel mob and other rideable mobs (like the Horse) is that the former has the ability to dash at intervals of 2.75 seconds. This allows it to use a short burst of speed to launch itself forward and cover a maximum distance of twelve blocks.

Camels in Minecraft can use their dash ability to jump over obstacles such as ravines, making them a convenient choice for long-distance travel. Their height also keeps the player safe from ground-based mobs.


In addition, these mobs can jump over walls that have a height of 1.5 blocks, thus giving them an advantage over mobs like horses. This also means that players don’t have to remove any fences or walls to get a camel into an enclosed area.

In terms of transportation and travel, one of the best things about camels is that they can carry two players at a time. Given that a large portion of Minecraft players often play in groups of four or more, the convenience of the camel's ability significantly cuts down the time required for taming and searching for saddles for multiple horses, making it a valuable addition to a player's arsenal.

The addition of camels to Minecraft is sure to be a game-changing development for the community, as they offer loads of benefits over other similar mobs and are quite adorable as well.

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