How to get Diamonds in Minecraft survival easily

Finding diamonds (Image via Mojang)
Finding diamonds (Image via Mojang)

While exploring the caves and ravines in Minecraft, players will find a variety of different ores. In the overworld, there are eight types of ores: coal, copper, iron, lapis lazuli, redstone, gold, emerald and diamonds.

Diamond ore is one of the oldest blocks in Minecraft. It has been in the game since the Java indev version. Players can mine diamond ore with an iron or higher level pickaxe. With a fortune III pickaxe, players can get up to four diamonds from a single ore. Diamonds are needed to craft enchanting tables, jukeboxes, tools, armor and more.

Diamond tools, weapons, and armor have high durability and are upgradable to their netherite version. This article explains how players can get diamonds easily in Minecraft survival.

How to get Diamonds in Minecraft


In Minecraft, every ore is generated between particular height levels. Before starting a diamond mining session, players should know where diamonds will generate in Minecraft.

Diamond ore veins generate between height levels 0-16. Earlier, height level 11 was the best place for finding diamond ores. However, Mojang changed this in the 1.17 update. In Java Edition, players can discover diamond ore frequently around Y level 6.

Here are some efficient and quick ways to get diamonds in Minecraft:

Strip mining

Diamond ore vein (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Diamond ore vein (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Strip mining is still one of the best ways to find diamond ores in Minecraft. In strip mining, players mine by creating a two-block tall tunnel at specific height levels. As for diamonds, players have to strip mine at height level 5-6.

After mining a long straight tunnel, create long tunnels on both sides with a two-block gap between each tunnel to cover the maximum area. Be aware of lava pools commonly found at low Y levels.

Exploring caves and ravines

Explore caves (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Explore caves (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Even though strip mining provides lots of diamond ores, it can be time-consuming. An easy way to find diamonds is to explore caves and ravines below height level 16. Players can easily identify diamond ores from their shiny blue texture.

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Trading and looting chests

Villager trades (Image via Minecraft)
Villager trades (Image via Minecraft)

Players can obtain diamond tools, weapons and armor from toolsmiths, weaponsmiths and armorers, respectively. Their master and expert level trades have diamond gear available for emeralds.

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