How to get every mob head in Minecraft Survival

Mob head in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Mob head in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft, players can find hundreds of unique blocks and items. Some blocks like dirt, stone and iron are available everywhere, but a few blocks such as emerald ore, ancient debris, and mob heads can be rare to find.

Mob heads are among the oldest blocks in Minecraft and have been in the game since the Pretty Scary Update of 2012. Mob heads are considered uncommon items in the rarity level chart.

Players can wear mob heads and disguise themselves near hostile mobs. For example, a creeper will have a hard time noticing a player who is wearing a creeper head. Players can use mob heads for decoration purposes or make cool banners with them in Minecraft.

How to get mob heads in Minecraft

1) Wither skeleton skull

Wither skeletons are a Nether-exclusive mob found only in Nether fortresses. Out of all mob heads, wither skeleton skulls are the rarest ones to obtain in Minecraft.

When killed by a tamed wolf or a player, a wither skeleton skull has a 2.5% chance to drop its head. Players can increase their chances to 5.5% by using a weapon enchanted with Looting III. Rather than manually killing wither skeletons one by one, players can make a wither skeleton farm to get tons of wither skulls.

Unlike other mob heads, wither skulls are used to summon a boss mob called the Wither. On defeating this terrifying boss, players will be rewarded with a Nether star required to create a beacon.

2) Dragon head

Dragon Head on a end ship(Image via Mojang)
Dragon Head on a end ship(Image via Mojang)

Dragon heads are not dropped by killing the Ender dragon, as some players may think. To get a dragon head, they will have to visit an end city. End cities with end ships contain dragon heads. Players need to be careful when getting the head, as they can sometimes generate upon void.

Some players may not know that dragon heads are affected by the Redstone signal. When powered on, a dragon head will open its mouth or otherwise close it.

3) Zombie, skeleton, and creeper heads

To get zombies, skeletons, and creeper heads, players will need charged creepers. Any zombie, skeleton, and creeper killed by a charged creeper explosion will drop its head in Minecraft.

A creeper struck by lightning will turn into a charged creeper. A charged creeper's explosion is larger when compared to regular creepers. Players can activate charged creepers by using flint & steel to make them kill other mobs.

Charged creepers can also be used to get wither skeleton skulls. However, players will have to teleport wither skeletons to the Overworld. It is slightly difficult but completely doable in Minecraft Survival.

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