5 best ways to fight the ender dragon in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Killing the ender dragon is a quintessential aspect of Minecraft. There are lots of unique methods of killing Minecraft mobs, but the ender dragon is one of the most difficult mobs to defeat. It may be intense to go up against the boss, but once the end crystals are destroyed, killing the ender dragon can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Experienced Minecraft players have likely beaten the ender dragon multiple times and have discovered their own best methods of battling this boss. However, some players have never beaten the ender dragon.

Here are some of the best ways to fight against the Minecraft ender dragon for gamers who may not know already.

Five methods of fighting the ender dragon in Minecraft


5) Bow and arrows

Image via Waifu Simulator on YouTube
Image via Waifu Simulator on YouTube

Perhaps the most common method of fighting against the ender dragon is with bows and arrows.

These are effective weapons to utilize while in the end. Arrows can make destroying the end crystals easier, and the ender dragon will consistently be on the move in the sky. Skilled shooters will be able to hit the ender dragon with their arrows.

Bows can even be enchanted to make them more powerful. Players can also use tipped arrows to enhance their shots in certain ways.

The only downside to using bows and arrows is potentially running out of ammunition. Plus, it can be quite hard to successfully make a shot at the dragon while it's constantly changing direction.

4) Sword

Image via gamrs.co
Image via gamrs.co

Every Minecraft player needs a strong weapon regardless of which mob they’ll be fighting. Swords are definitely most Minecrafter’s go-to weapons.

While axes technically yield more damage, swords are better for quick attacks. This is ideal when fighting the ender dragon because when the mob perches in the middle area, it will only be there temporarily. Players will want to hit the dragon as much as possible in the limited amount of time that the dragon is perched.

Swords have a wide variety of enchantments that will strengthen the weapon. Gamers can even get netherite swords before beating the ender dragon for optimal damage, so long as they are not speedrunning since nethertire takes a while to obtain.

3) With friends

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Playing Minecraft with friends is a surefire way to beat the ender dragon with ease. The more players on a server, the better the chances of defeating the boss as a team.

When beating Minecraft with friends, gamers can assign tasks to individuals once they’re in the end dimension. For example, one friend could focus on destroying the crystals, one friend could shoot the dragon and the other could be ready in the middle for when the dragon perches.

Plus, Minecraft is almost always more fun when friends are involved. The game has a multiplayer option for a reason, of course.

2) TNT

Image via Mumbo Jumbo on YouTube
Image via Mumbo Jumbo on YouTube

TNT is a highly effective method of battle in Minecraft. These blocks were made to explode and do significant damage to any entity in then vicinity.

TNT can be collected in various ways within a Minecraft world. The best way to obtain TNT is to steal it from a desert temple structure. TNT can also be crafted using gunpowder that creepers will sometimes drop.

To use TNT against the ender dragon, it is best to place the blocks around the middle area before the dragon drops down. That way, when the mob does end up perching, all players only have to light the blocks.

1) Beds

Image via Illumina on YouTube
Image via Illumina on YouTube

By far, the best way to fight the ender dragon in Minecraft is by using beds. Beds cannot be used in any dimension other than the overworld and will explode when players attempt to sleep in the nether or the end.

Because of this, gamers have discovered that exploding beds will do the most damage to the ender dragon than any other method.

The most important thing to remember, though, is to ensure that there is at least one block separating the player and the end before attempting to sleep in it. Otherwise, this method can easily result in a player’s in-game death.

With enough practice, the ender dragon can be defeated with just a few beds in total. Many professional Minecraft speedrunners utilize this trick and can sometimes accomplish victory against the mob using just three or four beds.

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