Top 5 creative ways to kill mobs in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft-Pocket
Image via Minecraft-Pocket

Minecraft has an incredibly large variety of mobs for players to interact with. Each one is quite different from the other and they all have unique properties.

Since there are many mobs in the game, there are several ways to kill them as well. Some basic methods include using weapons like swords or bows. Other methods include using TNT or lighting mobs on fire with a flint and steel.

There are many creative ways to kill Minecraft mobs as well. This article lists some of the coolest ways to go about mob killing in Minecraft.

Most creative ways to kill Minecraft mobs

#5 - /kill command

Image via DigMinecraft
Image via DigMinecraft

While not entirely creative in the literal sense, this method of mob killing can be used when cheats are on, or in creative mode. With one simple command, a player can easily kill every single mob in a Minecraft world.

Using the /kill command can either kill every mob or certain specified ones. Utilizing this command will kill these mobs instantly and all at once.

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#4 - Snowballs vs Blaze

Image via Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube
Image via Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube

An interesting method of killing mobs is done specifically to the nether iconic mobs, blazes. Blazes can be difficult to battle against because of their ability to shoot fire at players. However, there is an unusual way to handle mobs, and that is through the use of snowballs.

Throwing snowballs at a blaze will not only yield damage onto it, but they will also push the blaze away. Eventually, snowballs can kill a blaze without ever having to use any actual weapons.

However, it will take over a stack of snowballs to kill one blaze. Although creative, this method is not the most effective.

#3 - Automatic mob farms

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Automatic mob farms have become a staple of experienced players’ Minecraft gameplay. They instate the ability of collecting large amounts of items and XP easily into Minecraft worlds.

This is an incredibly creative method of killing mobs, especially since most automatic mob farms require detailed and sometimes complicated builds. Many mob farm contraptions designed by Minecraft gamers will kill mobs instantly without any need for player interaction.

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#2 - Bed trick

Image via Illuminia on YouTube
Image via Illuminia on YouTube

Experienced Minecraft players know that they can cheat the system and escape death while in the nether or the end by using beds.

Minecraft is coded so that players cannot sleep in any realm other than the overworld. Attempting to do so will end in death via explosion except when utilizing the bed trick method.

If done correctly, gamers can survive the bed explosion and yield damage to entities around the bed. This creative way of killing mobs is mostly used by speedrunners while fighting the ender dragon as it does significant damage to the boss mob.

This mob killing method can easily be used against any other mob as well. Plus, bed explosions will break blocks around the area as well, so many players use this method to mine for ancient debris in the nether.

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#1 - Automatic trident killer


One of the most unique ways to kill mobs is only possible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Bedrock players can build a device in Minecraft that acts similar to an automatic mob farm, except with an interesting twist. This automatic killing machine uses tridents, which are somewhat rare to obtain in-game.

An automatic trident killer is a redstone build, but it is not as complicated as it may seem. Above is a video tutorial explaining the building process.

Mobs stand no chance against this creative contraption. Minecraft Bedrock players who prefer tridents as their weapon of choice and love to build with redstone will surely want to give this build a try.

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