Top 5 most essential automatic farms for Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

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(via PCGamesN)
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Ever since Minecraft was released in 2011, players have come up with many great ideas on how to farm materials without having to sit in front of said materials all day. The main strategy players use are automatic farms, and they can be used on basically any material or item that players can think of.

With the new Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, there are lots of great additions to the game that players might want to stock up on.

Below are the Top 5 most essential automatic farms for the new update, which includes the farming of many new materials.

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Minecraft 1.17 Automatic Farming Systems

5) An XP Farm


In the video above, the player shows fans how to create an infinite XP farm, with no use of mobs, in Minecraft 1.17.

Players are able to use whatever blocks they'd like to build the farm, but in addition to that, players will need cactus, bamboo, normal rails, powered rails, detector rails, levers, droppers, chests, redstone blocks (or torches), sticky pistons, and a minecart. The build is admittedly the hardest part, as it is very complex.

4) A Mob Farm


Mob farms are east ways to get XP in Minecraft, as well as many much-needed materials that players can only get from mobs (i.e. bones, arrows, silk, gun powder, etc.).

In the video above, the player shows off a generic mob farm, which uses powdered snow, causing the mobs to take tick damage and eventually die. The materials that are needed are stone slabs (that can be replaced with regular blocks), redstone blocks, rails, hoppers, chests, hopper minecrafts, tinted glass and lots of powdered snow.

With the use of tinted glass, it makes the area with powdered snow dark enough for mobs to spawn, and with a railway and droppers located beneath, it is the perfect system for picking up the mob leftovers.

3) An Infinite Amethyst Farm


Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17 is proving to be very useful, as it is included in the crafting of tons of other materials.

For this build, players will need observers, amethyst clusters, a slime block, redstone dust, a lever and a sticky piston. All players need to do is put a lever down, put a blocks worth of redstone dust down, connect it to a sticky piston, and then put an observer down in front of the sticky piston.

Then, with a one block gap between, players place another observer across from the previous one, place a blocks worth of redstone dust down, and connect it to a sticky piston facing upwards. On top of the sticky piston, players will need to put a slime block, followed by amethyst clusters on each side of the slime block.

Once activated, the slime block will be pushed up and down, generating an infinite amount of amethyst.

2) A Glow Lichen Farm


Glow lichen is a new addition to Minecraft, and can be used for lighting. With the tutorial above, the player shows viewers how to make an automatic farm for glow lichen, producing about 6,900 glow lichen per hour.

For this build, players will need observers, dispensers, hoppers, buttons, chests, composters, stone (or any block the player wants), redstone comparators, redstone repeaters, droppers, bonemeal and lastly, glow lichen.

This can be useful for players who want to gather glow lichen in mass, but do not want to go through the hassle of trying to find it in caves, ravines or underwater.

1) An Automatic Glow Berry Farm


Lastly, glow berries in Minecraft are useful for many things. They're edible, they can be used to breed foxes, they can be used for light, and so much more. The tutorial above shows players how to make an automatic glow berry farm that will produce over 200 glow berries per hour.

For this farm, players will need stone, redstone dust, an observer, a dispenser, glass, hopper, glow berries, bonemeal and a fox. Each time the fox eats one of the glow berries, it will drop any extra glow berries that it does not eat into the hopper below it. The observer will sense when there are no glow berries left, which will activate the dispenser, which will dispense bone meal onto the glow berry vine, making more glow berries grow.

This is useful for players who don't want to have tons of glow berry vines hanging amongst their builds, or for those who don't want to go searching to find said glow berry vines.

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