Top 5 things you need to know about Caves in latest Minecraft 1.17 update

Amethyst geode (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Amethyst geode (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 is officially released for both Bedrock and Java Edition. In the Minecraft1.17 release, Mojang has added many new blocks, items, and mobs.

After facing technical difficulties and inefficiency due to working from home, Mojang decided to split the update into two parts. It announced that the new caves and mountains generations would arrive towards the end of 2021. Many fans were disappointed and felt no interest in the first part of Caves and Cliffs update on hearing this news.

However, Mojang delivered a fantastic 1.17 update that amazed the entire Minecraft community. The update also introduced new features and changes to the overworld caves.

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Caves in latest Minecraft 1.17 update

#5 - Pointed dripstone and dripstone blocks


Even though dripstone cave biomes have not been added, players can still find dripstone blocks and printed dripstones in caves. These blocks generate in the form of clusters inside caves and ravines.

While exploring underground places, players must be careful as falling on pointed dripstone or pointed dripstone falling on a player can hurt them.

#4 - Copper ore

Copper ore (Image via Minecraft)
Copper ore (Image via Minecraft)

Many players had been demanding a new ore in the overworld. This year, Mojang finally delivered copper, a new metal ore.

Copper ore veins generate at a high rate around height level 49. Like other ores, players have a better chance at finding copper ore veins by exploring caves. Copper ore has a similar texture to stone but also has orange and green spots.

#3 - Amethyst Geodes


Amethyst geodes are a new structure added to the Minecraft 1.17 update. In these geodes, players can find amethyst blocks, budding amethyst, amethyst shards, calcite, and smooth basalt.

While exploring caves, players can now find amethyst geodes. Their outer layer is made of smooth basalt. Players can easily identify them from their dark texture.

#2 - No changes to ore distribution

Ore distribution changes coming in 1.18 (Image via Mojang)
Ore distribution changes coming in 1.18 (Image via Mojang)

Many players were expecting ore distribution changes in the 1.17 update. Sadly for them, the update had to be split. The ore distribution changes are planned for the 1.18 update coming later this year.

Players can find minerals in the same way as in the 1.16 version.

#1 - Deepslate

Deepslate blocks (Image via Minecraft)
Deepslate blocks (Image via Minecraft)

As a player approaches the bedrock layer, stones will be replaced by deepslate blocks in Minecraft 1.17. Players can find deepslate ores in the bottom of caves. Deepslate has higher blast resistance than stone and takes longer to mine.

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