What is the biggest mob in Minecraft?

There are many mobs in Minecraft, but which is the biggest? (Image via PH GAMING on Dailymotion)
There are many mobs in Minecraft, but which is the biggest? (Image via PH GAMING on Dailymotion)

There are many mobs in Minecraft, and even more now with the announcement and partial release of the 1.17 update, but which mob takes up the most space?

Most of the mobs crawling around the overworld are, generally, eye-level or even shorter than the player's 1.8 blocks tall character. Mobs such as creepers, skeletons, zombies, villagers, pillagers, husks, drowned are all eye-level with the player. While spiders, silverfish, wolves, cats, and axolotls are all significantly shorter than 1.8 blocks.

However, many mobs tower above the player, reaching 1.8 blocks or taller. Mobs such as endermen, wither skeletons, giants, elder guardians, slimes, magma cubes are, either significantly or just a smidge, taller than the player's character.

But what mobs are the true behemoths of Minecraft? This article will dive into details about some of the biggest mobs in the game.

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In ascending order, the smallest of the biggest mobs is the Ravager. They stand at 2.2 blocks high and 1.95 blocks in width. These are hostile mobs that attack by ramming their massive heads into their target. They're certainly a force to be feared, considering their massive size, especially when charging at the player.


Wither is a mob that stands three blocks high and one wide. These mobs seem much larger when they're given so much room to fly around. But in reality, they're just a bit taller than their wither skeleton counterpart.


The next is the Warden, which is a mob added in the second half of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update. Although this mob hasn't been implemented into Minecraft yet, this miniboss has already claimed the crown for the tallest mob.

The Warden stands at 3.5 to 4 blocks high and is estimated to be slightly wider than the iron golem's 1.4 block width. They're taller than endermen and iron golems, who were the previous two tallest naturally-spawning mobs in Minecraft.


Ghasts are the second tallest naturally-spawning mob in Minecraft. These mobs have stayed as the second tallest mob since their implementation into the game in 2010. Ghasts stand at four blocks tall and wide. They are massive white squared monsters amidst the fiery skies of the Nether.


The Ender Dragon is, without a doubt, the biggest mob in all of Minecraft. The final and most formidable boss is the only entity standing between the player and finishing the game. It stands eight blocks high and sixteen blocks in length and width, making it the tallest and widest entity in the entire game.


An honorable mention of the tallest mobs should be the Giant. After being implemented into the game nearly a decade ago, they've never been spawned or encountered naturally. Giants are only accessible through cheat commands or mods. However, they stand at a whopping twelve blocks in height, making them three times taller than Ghasts.

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