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How to get honeycombs in Minecraft?

Image via HITC
Image via HITC
Ellie Whittam
Modified 10 Feb 2021

One of Minecraft's most underrated in-game items is honeycomb, one of the two products attainable from a bee nest or beehive.

In essence, honeycomb is quite simple to obtain, but there is one main difficulty in collecting it—it makes bees aggressive towards the player.

In most cases, harvesting honeycomb from a bee nest or hive will automatically aggravate the bees inside and turn them against the player.

Bees in Minecraft inflict poison damage on the player in addition to stinging damage, meaning that if a swarm is ganging up against a player, there is a possibility that they could die from the attack.

Here is the best way to harvest honeycomb from bee nests and hives without invoking the terrors of angered bees in Minecraft.

How to obtain honeycombs in Minecraft without making bees hostile

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

The easiest way for players to obtain honeycomb from bee nests and hives around their Minecraft world is to place a lit campfire underneath the honey-filled block before harvesting it. This will prevent the bees from emerging with reddened eyes to attack the player.

There must be smoke passing through the top of the nest or hive for this trick to work, but if that is happening, then the player is free to use a pair of shears on the block to get their honeycomb.


Shears are currently the only tool that can get honeycomb from filled hives, and the hive must have honey dripping from it for the honeycomb to drop. Players can also use a bottle on a filled bee nest or hive to get honey.

What is honeycomb used for?

Image via MysticCat, YouTube
Image via MysticCat, YouTube

The main use of honeycomb in Minecraft is to create beehives, the manmade version of a bee nest.

These hives look a lot cleaner and pristine compared to the natural bee nest and are a lot more accessible, as beehives can be made with wood and honeycomb.

To collect bee nests in a player's survival inventory, the player must use a silk touch tool to collect the nest, which can take ages to accomplish—especially early in-game.

Honeycomb is also used to create decorative honeycomb blocks, which look absolutely perfect as decoration in honey or bee farms.

Honeycomb will also be used in the upcoming 1.17 update (due to the release during summer 2021) to create waxed copper blocks.

Published 10 Feb 2021, 11:56 IST
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