How to get Minecraft Education Edition mods and skins

How to get Minecraft Education Edition mods and skins
How to get Minecraft Education Edition mods and skins

Minecraft Education Edition is a version of Minecraft designed to serve as a teaching tool and help educators utilize the game for various educational purposes. Students can use it to get a feel for basic building or even learn how to code in Javascript and Python. Additionally, it includes tools that allow teachers to supervise and interact with students, join the game with them and teach from within.

In Minecraft, mods are a way to modify the game using customized items and functions. They can be used to change the way the game looks and feels. New items, blocks, and even mobs can be added to make for a refreshing change of pace and increase the game’s replay value. Additionally, skins can be applied to players' character models to add a personal touch.

Minecraft Education Edition: Steps to download mods and skins in 2023

Here is how players can download mods and skins for the latest version of Minecraft Education Edition:



Downloading addons in the game

Addons are the parent term for mods. While mods are exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft, add-ons can be installed and used for other versions, such as Minecraft Education Edition.

This edition has many different types of addons/mods available for it, including vehicle mods, furniture mods, animal mods, and even mods that add security cameras. Players can find them on Minecraft’s official website as well as various other sites.

To install an addon, players have to open the game and navigate to “Play,” and from there, to “Import.” Clicking on this option will open the player’s Windows Explorer; from there, they can navigate to where they have downloaded the add-on that they want to install.

Selecting the add-on and pressing “OK” will add the addon to the game's Education Edition, allowing players to use mods and add-ons in the game.

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Skins can add a personal touch to Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Skins can add a personal touch to Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Skins allow appearance customization for players’ character models. They add a personal touch to the game, and make each player’s character unique. In Education Edition, skins can be used to differentiate between students and/or teachers, or can even be used to form groups or teams.

There are a plethora of skins available for the game's Education Edition on the internet. While many can be obtained from the official Minecraft website, packs with hundreds of skins included with them can also be found everywhere. For example, the MCPACK skin pack contains 650 player skins that can be used in the game.

To download this pack, head over to and download the "Casual-Skins MCPACK.” Players can then import skins directly into Minecraft Education Edition by opening the respective skin from their download location.

Additionally, custom skins can also be applied in Minecraft Education Edition. Players can use tools like Skindex, among many other websites, to create, edit and download custom skins. Players can follow the same method as above to transfer the skin into their copy of the game.

Minecraft Education Edition is a popular tool based on Minecraft. It is used to teach students various important methods like building and coding via Javascript and Python. Even though Minecraft Education Edition is not very commonly used, it still has a lot of features similar to other versions of Minecraft. You can install as many mods and addons as you want in the game.

One should also note that not all mods and skins available for the standard version of Minecraft, including Bedrock and Java, are compatible with Minecraft Education Edition. Be sure to check the compatibility with your version of Minecraft Education Edition before downloading.

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