How to get a mushroom block in Minecraft

Huge mushrooms in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Huge mushrooms in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft, players can collect mushroom blocks using a tool enchanted with silk touch.

The Silk touch enchantment helps players collect blocks that typically do not drop by themselves. Players who attempt to mine a mushroom block without this enchantment will either get nothing or regular mushrooms of the same type. For example, mining a red mushroom block may drop two red mushrooms.

Huge mushrooms can be found in a few different biomes or players can grow it themselves. A player can grow their own huge mushroom by using bone meal on a mushroom that is either in low lighting or on specific dirt blocks.

The types of dirt blocks that allow mushrooms to grow regardless of light are podzol, mycelium, and nylium. Nylium in Minecraft is found in the nether while podzol and mycelium are found in the overworld.

Here's how players can get mushroom blocks in Minecraft.

Getting a mushroom block in Minecraft

Silk touch tools (Image via Mojang)
Silk touch tools (Image via Mojang)

When a player mines a huge mushroom block in Minecraft, they will typically get regular mushrooms. One giant mushroom may drop up to two mushrooms per block.

Players who want to collect the block itself will need an enchantment. The enchantment used for this is silk touch. Silk touch can be added to most Minecraft tools to mine anything that doesn't typically drop itself.

This enchantment can be added to tools through an enchantment table or on an anvil. Using an anvil to add this enchantment requires an enchanted book. Enchantment tables will give tools this enchantment for the cost of XP and lapis lazuli.

A block from a huge mushroom is easy to break regardless of the tool used. However, the preferred tool is an ax of any type. Enchanting an ax with silk touch allows players to mine huge mushrooms for their blocks. Players can take mushroom blocks back to the base and use them in a few different ways.

The mushroom block can be used as fuel. One block can smelt one and a half items until needing more fuel. Players can use mushroom blocks as decoration for their base, giving their base a shrunken down appearance.

A mushroom block can be placed under a note block to add a base sound. If a player no longer needs the block, they can be added to the composter. Throwing the entire block into a composter is likely to raise the level of compost inside. This means the player is closer to collecting a bone meal.

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