The uses for Mycelium in Minecraft

A brief guide on what Mycelium blocks are in Minecraft and how to obtain them. (RajCraft/YouTube)
A brief guide on what Mycelium blocks are in Minecraft and how to obtain them. (RajCraft/YouTube)

Mycelium is a block that is similar to dirt in Minecraft, but can be found naturally generated on the surfaces of mushroom fields biomes.

Mycelium blocks often get overlooked by players, as they appear to be simply dirt blocks with a gray and spore-like texture on top. However, mycelium is a rather useful material and is worth picking up the next time a player encounters a mushroom fields biome.

Mushrooms and fungus can be placed on mycelium, regardless of the light levels of the surroundings. This is a rather unique feature, which allows players to store these blocks and even grow huge mushrooms at otherwise less than ideal conditions.

This article will be breaking down the uses for the mycelium block in Minecraft, as well as discuss how to obtain it.

The uses for Mycelium in Minecraft


Before Minecraft players can begin experimenting with mycelium blocks and use them to their full potential, they will need to acquire some of the blocks first.

Like dirt blocks, mycelium blocks can be broken by using any type of tool or by hand. However, mycelium blocks broken by utilizing this method will only drop blocks of dirt. A tool with the Silk Touch enchantment must be used, in order to actually obtain mycelium blocks that can be collected by breaking them.

Players can also obtain mycelium in a rather clever way by utilizing the mechanics of an Enderman mob. Endermen have the ability to pick up a mycelium block. Minecraft players who kill one of these creatures while they are holding a block of mycelium will be rewarded with a mycelium block as a drop from the mob.

Players can also generate more mycelium blocks by utilizing the mechanics of how the mycelium spreads. A mycelium block can transform nearby dirt blocks into mycelium, so long as the mycelium is above light level nine and the dirt is above light level four.

It should be noted that dirt blocks that were converted to mycelium will revert back to dirt when covered by a light-impending block above it or the light level drops below four. Players should be extremely cautious of this mechanic, as a block of mycelium placed in another biome could run rampant and spread very quickly.

Once Minecraft players have obtained some blocks of mycelium, they will be able to use them for some of their most useful functions.

Mushrooms can be placed on mycelium blocks, regardless of the light level of the surroundings in-game. This is a unique feature that is only also shared with podzol blocks.

This means that players can actually grow their very own huge mushrooms at any light level with the use of mycelium blocks. All a Minecraft player would need to do is place down a mycelium block a desired location, place a red or brown mushroom on the mycelium block, and then apply some bone meal to the mushroom.

So long as there is an open three block radius surrounding and a seven to nine block radius above the mushroom free, a giant mushroom can burst to life.

Fungus can also be placed on mycelium blocks at any light level, which allows for more convenient storage at any desired location.

Mycelium blocks can not have sapling, flowers, grass, shrubs, ferns, or sugar cane place on them. They also are unable to be converted into farmland by using a hoe, and can not be used to grow pumpkins and melons.

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