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How to jump higher in Minecraft

Steve jumping after drinking a Potion of Leaping II in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Steve jumping after drinking a Potion of Leaping II in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Modified 24 Feb 2021

Minecraft players can jumper higher than the normal height of one and a quarter blocks by getting the Jump Boost status effect or using advanced techniques.

Under default conditions, Minecraft players can only jump to a maximum height of one and a quarter blocks. However, there are a few tricks and items that players can use in order to be able to jump even higher.

The simplest method for jumping higher is to obtain the Jump Boost status effect. This increases the height that players can jump by 50% per power level of the boost.

Minecraft players can acquire this effect by drinking a Potion of Leaping, activating the power from a beacon, getting struck by an Arrow of Leaping, or eating certain batches of Suspicious Stew.

Otherwise, there are certain techniques or mobs that can assist players in maximizing their jumping potential.

This article will be breaking down the various methods that players can use in Minecraft, which allows them to jump higher than normal.

How to jump higher in Minecraft

The most straightforward way for Minecraft players to enhance their jumping capability is by acquiring the Jumping Boost status effect. One of the quickest ways to access this boost is by consuming a Potion of Leaping.


Minecraft players can brew one of these at a brewing stand that is powered by blaze powder by combining a water bottle, a nether wart, and a rabbit's foot. Once players have one of those, they can consume it to recieve Jumping Boost II.

This boost will increase a player's maximum jumping height to a total of 1 13/16 blocks. However, instead of drinking and using the Potion of Leaping, players can boost their jumping capability even more by turning that potion into a Potion of Leaping II.

A Potion of Leaping II can be brewed up by adding glowstone dust to a Potion of Leaping at a properly fueled brewing stand. Consuming this potion will increase the height that Minecraft players can jump by an additional fifty percent, to a total of two and a half blocks.

Minecraft players can also gain the Jumping Boost status effect by empowering and activating a beacon, or by consuming a Suspicious Stew that was made with Cornflower, bought from an expert level farmer villager, or found inside of supply chest in a shipwreck.

The Jumping Boost status effect can also be acquired at even higher levels with the use of console commands, but that does entail a bit of cheating.


Minecraft players can also jump further and higher by using a couple of different techniques and tricks. Players can use a bow that has been enchanted with Punch II to pull off some rather interesting double jumps.

The arrows from this bow essentially propel players upwards or forwards further to amplify their jumping capability.

There are a variety of different ways for players to be able to jump higher in Minecraft. Players just need to seek them out.

Published 24 Feb 2021, 01:51 IST
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