How to make a blaze rod XP farm in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

In Minecraft, blaze rods are a nether-exclusive resource that can only be obtained by killing blazes.

Blazes are one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft. They can fly and shoot fireballs at players causing burn damage. Players can find blazes in Nether Fortresses. The only way to obtain blaze rods is by killing blazes.

Players can find blaze spawner inside nether fortresses. Using this spawner, players can create a blaze rod farm in Minecraft. Follow this step by step guide to make a blaze rod XP farm in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Blaze Rod XP Farm Guide

Items required:

  • Glass blocks
  • any solid building block
  • Four buckets of lava
  • Two slabs
  • Hopper
  • Chest
  • Fire Resistance and Invisibility Potions

#1 - Find Blaze Spawner and do spawn-proofing

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Every nether fortress has one or more blaze spawners. Like other mob spawners, it spawns blazes from time to time. After finding a blaze spawner, build a 9x9 platform around the spawner and cover it with torches.

Make sure the platform is well lit and filled with torches. Use a potion of invisibility to spawn-proof the spawner without blazes noticing in Minecraft.

#2 - Build the spawning room

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

After spawn-proofing, use glass blocks to build a spawning room around the platform. Start placing blocks around the platform and go three blocks above the spawner and four blocks below the spawner. Do not remove the spawn-proof platform yet.

The ceiling above the platform should be made out of the glass as well. Blazes get attracted towards solid blocks. In a glass room, they will fall and won't move anywhere else.

#3 - Create a lava floor

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Four blocks below the spawner make a 9x9 floor. Place one lava bucket in each corner of the floor. Blazes are unaffected by lava and don't take any damage from touching it. Players can use flowing lava to move blazes in Minecraft. Break the center block of the lava platform as shown in the image.

#4 - Make the killing chamber

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Under the lava, make a three-block high tube for blazes using any preferred blocks. Place the bottom slab upon a hopper connected to the chest. Blazes will fall on this slab. Players can easily hit the blaze from the gap, and farm blaze rods along with XP.

That's it. The blaze rod XP farm is complete and ready to work. Drink the invisibility potion, remove the spawn-proof platform and place a slab above the spawner. Once the platform is removed, the blazes will start spawning.

Blaze Rod XP Farm FAQs

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

#1 - Best Weapon and Enchantments for Efficient Farming

Use a Netherite Sword with Sharpness V, Looting III, and Sweeping Edge III for max efficiency and output.

#2 - Best biome for building Blaze Rod Farm

Soul sand valley is the best biome for building blaze rod farms. Compared to other nether biomes, soul sand valley has the least number of mobs. Due to this, nether fortress mobs spawn at a high rate in Minecraft.

#3 - How to turn this farm into an automatic blaze rod farm?

Players can automate the farm by replacing the slab on the hopper with a wither rose on top of soul sand in Minecraft. Another way to automate this farm is by using an auto-clicker with a sword.

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