How to make a bouncy house in Minecraft

A bouncy house in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A bouncy house in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Adrian Carnes

Bouncy houses are a fun and easy addition to a Minecraft map. A common sight at fun parties all over the world, it only makes sense that Minecraft players would want to get in on the fun in the game too.

Bouncy houses are one of Minecraft's easiest builds, which players of all levels should be able to do. All players will need to get themselves started are a few stacks of slime blocks, and an idea of what they want their build to look like. With any number of themes, add-ons, and appearances, Minecraft players just can't go wrong by building a bouncy house.

How to build a Minecraft bouncy house

The inside of a Minecraft bouncy house (Image via Minecraft)
The inside of a Minecraft bouncy house (Image via Minecraft)
  1. Choose how big you want the structure to be, and outline the perimeter with your block (or blocks) of choice.
  2. Dig a shallow pit in the area inside the perimeter. It should be at least one block deep.
  3. Fill in the pit with slime blocks. Players can also add glowstones or shroomlights below these, if they wish to have a nice light source.
  4. Return to the perimeter, and build walls that are five blocks high.
  5. Leaving one side of the structure mostly open for your bouncy house’s entrance, build the walls upward another four or five blocks.
  6. Replace every other column of this new portion of wall with iron bars. This should make your bouncy house feel like it’s got netting around it, just like a real-world one.
  7. Construct the roof.
  8. Add some glowstone or shroomlights to the ceiling. This will be a nice light source.
  9. Construct a set of stairs leading up to the entrance, and build a small platform for players to hop off of.
  10. Finally, build another set of stairs leading out of the bouncy house.

This is far from the only way to build a bouncy house in Minecraft. Players can also get creative and add features such as additional jumps, hoops, and a special theme to their Minecraft builds.

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