Top 5 Minecraft builds for beginners in 2021

Usually, the first build a Minecrafter makes (Image via Minecraftforum)
Usually, the first build a Minecrafter makes (Image via Minecraftforum)
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Modified 15 Mar 2021
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Minecraft is quite the challenge for beginners, throwing players into an infinite world with minimal direction. New players are recommended to quickly find a place to settle their first base, where they can have all the required buildings nearby. Once they find a spot to settle, they must get to work quickly, before night falls.

To get the most out of Minecraft, players need to create specific structures that will allow them to advance quicker. That is the beauty of Minecraft — gamers can literally do whatever they want!

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Five best Minecraft beginners builds in 2021

#5 - Farm

A basic farm that takes advantage of a river (Image via Minecraft)
A basic farm that takes advantage of a river (Image via Minecraft)

Farms should be one of the first builds that players complete.

Providing them with a consistent food source, farms are important early game as players' food sources usually aren't secure. Players will need a hoe to till the dirt, which allows seeds to be planted. Eventually, players will want a potato farm instead of wheat.

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#4 - Animal Farm

Little piggies in a farm (Image via Minecraft)
Little piggies in a farm (Image via Minecraft)

Animal farms are a much more efficient way to acquire food than farms. However, the two go hand in hand.

For the easiest farm, players are recommended to make a cow or sheep farm, as they require wheat to breed. Pigs need carrots, potatoes, or beetroots to breed, which are more challenging to acquire. Once players have a self-sustaining animal farm, they are in a much better spot!

#3 - Mine

Ol' Man Joey's Mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)

A designated area to mine is highly recommended for beginners, as it prevents them from random holes all over their world!

Mines are recommended to have a door to keep any hostile mobs from coming in or out! New players are advised not to dig too deep, as they may run into a cave which can be extremely dangerous, although possibly very rewarding! Bold ones can explore caves with a chance to find tons of coal and ores.

#2 - Perimeter

All of the player
All of the player's builds, protected from intruders (Image via Minecraft)

Players are highly recommended to create a perimeter around their essential builds.

A perimeter will keep all bad guys out, creating a haven for players and their animal friends. Once they acquire torches, gamers are highly advised to light up the area inside their perimeter, which will stop any mobs from spawning inside.

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#1 - Shelter

A nicely made shelter (Image via Minecraft)
A nicely made shelter (Image via Minecraft)

A shelter is the most important build for beginners in Minecraft.

Before any of the builds listed above, they must make a shelter first. It doesn't need to look good, but it needs to be able to protect them from the enemies of the night.

This can be done by building four walls and a ceiling, without any gaps at all. A door is recommended, however not required, as players can break the blocks in the morning.

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Published 15 Mar 2021
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