How to make the easiest automatic AFK fish farm in Minecraft 1.19 update

Fish (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Fish (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Fish are an excellent item to get in Minecraft. They're a strong source of food as well as being the primary food item for taming cats and ocelots. Fishing is also an exceptional way to earn loot and level up quickly.

Fisherman villagers will sometimes trade for fish, too. Fishing is one of the best ways to collect a lot of food items in a short amount of time, even though they do have to be cooked later; however, it can be tedious. Players often have to stand by the water and click the use button twice every 30 seconds, which gets boring pretty quickly.

In the past, there were AFK fish farms that players had used to rack up enchanted books, enchanted fishing rods, saddles and more. Those have been patched, but they can still be constructed to collect fish. Here's how to do it.

Very simple AFK fish farm guide in Minecraft version 1.19

Previous updates to Minecraft heavily nerfed the AFK fishing farm so that they could only give players fish and XP. Unfortunately, the 1.19 update doesn't do anything to reverse that trend, but it is still possible to get fish while being AFK.


The following Minecraft items are necessary:

  • One block
  • One note block
  • One water bucket
  • One fence post
  • One iron trap door
  • One heavy weighted pressure plate (iron)
  • One hopper
  • Two chests
  • One fishing rod

Step 1) Mine out the area

The first step is to mine a four-block long hole. It doesn't need to be more than one block deep. Most of the items will go in these holes.

Step 2) Place the blocks in their places

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At one end, players need to place a double chest with a hopper connected to it. This should take up three of the four blocks that Minecraft players initially mined out.

A single fence post should be placed on top of the hopper. It should remain unconnected to anything in the build. The iron pressure plate should be placed above the the fence post.

Pressure plate on top (Image via Taffy/YouTube)
Pressure plate on top (Image via Taffy/YouTube)

The note block needs to be on the first block that wasn't mined out. It should be on the opposite end of the chest. Between the note block and the iron pressure plate, the iron trap door should be placed. Place the final unused block on top of the note block.

Each block in place (Image via Taffy on YouTube)
Each block in place (Image via Taffy on YouTube)

Step 3) Waterlog the fence

The third step is to place the water bucket on the fence post. This will waterlog it, but it will also flow into the remaining block that was mined out.

Step 4) Catch fish

Face the trapdoor (Image via Taffy/YouTube)
Face the trapdoor (Image via Taffy/YouTube)

The method is to use the fishing rod in the water. For this AFK farm, players will need to hold down the 'use' button while facing the waterlogged fence block and looking directly at the iron pressure plate.

Any fish that gets caught will be picked up by the hopper and players will collect the XP.

Step 5) Make it AFK

AFK fish farm (Image via Taffy on YouTube)
AFK fish farm (Image via Taffy on YouTube)

Unfortunately, making this farm completely AFK is a little challenging. Disconnecting a keyboard or mouse while using the button can trick the game into thinking it's being held down.

There are also keybinds that can make the button get pushed endlessly. Auto-clickers can also help with that. Essentially, while this farm may not provide players with enchanted loot, it will provide a lot of fish, which players can use as a food source while they're on an adventure.

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