How to make ender pearl stasis chamber in Minecraft

Ender pearl stasis (Image via Minecraft)
Ender pearl stasis (Image via Minecraft)
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Ender pearls are among the few items needed to beat Minecraft. Players will need ender pearls to make the eyes of ender necessary for activating the end portal. Other than that, ender pearls also have different uses like traveling, spawning endermites, and ender pearl stasis.

Ender pearl stasis shows the creativity of Minecraft players. When a thrown ender pearl touches a surface, it will teleport the player to where it lands. Players usually use ender pearls to travel faster in Minecraft. But, some players use them to create teleporters called ender pearl stasis chambers.

With an ender pearl stasis chamber, players can teleport to far distances instantly. This article shows a step-by-step guide on how to build the ender pearl stasis chamber in Minecraft.

Building an ender pearl stasis chamber in Minecraft


Items needed

Players only need a few items to build an ender pearl stasis chamber. Before starting, players should make sure they have all of the following items:

  • soul sand
  • kelp
  • trigger (Piston, trap door, or daylight sensor)
  • ender pearl

After getting these items, players can start creating the ender pearl stasis chamber.

Step 1: Dig an eight-block deep hole

Dig a hole (Image via Minecraft)
Dig a hole (Image via Minecraft)

The first step is to create a hole eight-block deep. If a player wants to build the system above the ground, they will have to make a structure with a depth of eight blocks.

Step 2: Place soul sand at the bottom

Place a soul sand (Image via Minecraft)
Place a soul sand (Image via Minecraft)

For this step, players will need one soul sand block. Soul sand block is a Nether-exclusive block commonly found in soul sand valleys. Players may also get it from nether fortresses and bastion remnants. Place the soul sand block at the bottom of the hole dug in step one.

Step 3: Place a water block from the top and grow kelp

Place water (Image via Minecraft)
Place water (Image via Minecraft)

After placing the soul sand block, players will have to submerge the hole. One water bucket is enough to do that. Next, players will have to grow a kelp block on the soul sand block.

Place kelp (Image via Minecraft)
Place kelp (Image via Minecraft)

The kelp plant will turn the flowing water into water blocks. Players can either fill the hole with water buckets from bottom to top or wait for the kelp to grow. Instead of waiting for kelp to grow, players can use bonemeal to grow it instantly.

Step 4: Build a trigger

Trigger (Image via Minecraft)
Trigger (Image via Minecraft)

The next step is to build a trigger that will activate the floating ender pearl. Players can use trap doors, as shown in the image. Instead of trap doors, pistons are also a viable option.

Players can use daylight sensors to teleport to their base when it turns to night automatically. Buttons are also a great way to travel from one place to another manually.

After the stasis chamber is ready, players just need to throw an ender pearl into the hole. When an ender pearl is thrown, it becomes an entity. Due to this, ender pearls become affected by bubbles from soul sand and get pushed upward. Players can use a trigger to touch the ender pearl and teleport to it.

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