How to make smooth basalt in Minecraft

Regular basalt (left) vs smooth basalt (right) (Image via Minecraft)
Regular basalt (left) vs smooth basalt (right) (Image via Minecraft)
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As a game with every aspect based on blocks, Minecraft has done a great job of introducing a plethora of blocks for its players to play around with. Each block has its own unique texture, with many blocks also having numerous variants.

This dynamism allows users to discover and use these blocks for many different purposes, with each one representing a different aspect of their creation. One such block is the basalt block, and its variation, smooth basalt.

Smooth Basalt in Minecraft: Where to find and how to craft


Smooth basalt is a dark-colored block that acts as one of the two variants of the basalt block in Minecraft. Along with basalt and polished basalt, it has no actual use within the game aside from being used in decoration or building.

You can find the Minecraft Skindex here.

However, these blocks are effective for this purpose because of the blast-reduction properties. Additionally, the unique look of the smooth basalt block can provide a great aesthetic and help carve out a wall or flooring pattern for any builds gamers might want to use it for.

To craft smooth basalt blocks, players will first need the parent block, which is basalt. It is the game's representation of the real-life igneous rock found in the Nether dimension.

The most amount of naturally generated basalt can be found in the basalt deltas biome, where it makes up a huge part of the default surface terrain, along with magma blocks and blackstone. Basalt is also found in the form of basalt pillars located in soul sand valleys.


Basalt blocks can be turned into smooth basalt blocks using a straightforward process. All that users have to do is transfer a block of basalt into a furnace or a blast furnace.

Check out the Minecraftwiki here.

A fuel source such as wooden planks, wood logs, coal, charcoal, a bucket of lava, etc., should then be placed inside the "fuel" slot of the furnace. The resulting block will turn out to be a smooth basalt block.

While smooth basalt blocks can be crafted by players, they can also generate naturally in two locations within the overworld. The first is amethyst geodes, found commonly across the colossal underground caves systems. Smooth basalt can be found in the outer layer of the geodes.

The second location for the block is the upcoming Ancient City structure.

Smooth basalt is one of the most unique and beautiful blocks in Minecraft. With a wide variety of uses as far as building is concerned, they are some of the best for medieval or palatial builds.

The detailed Minecraft Beginners Guide is available here.

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