How to make a starter house in Minecraft

A simple yet sleek start base by Reddit user Rolleringx (Image via Reddit)
A simple yet sleek start base by Reddit user Rolleringx (Image via Reddit)
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For Minecraft beginners, a starter house is an essential build in a survival world.

Without a base, Minecraft players might find themselves disorganized, which can result in poor gameplay. For this reason, a house is something every survival Minecraft player needs.

When first starting in a new Minecraft world, gamers will obviously not have enough supplies for a huge, grand house build. Building a simple starter house, however, is quite easy.

Tips for building a starter house in Minecraft

To build a starter house in Minecraft, players must first decide where they’d like to live. It should most likely be a biome that best suits their needs. Once a location has been established, gamers must collect the necessary materials to build a house.

For a starter house, any building block will do. Most players opt for a house made of cobblestone or wood due to the high accessibility of these blocks. Even though dirt will act as the walls of a starter house, it just might be less visually striking compared to other materials.

Because this will be the first house built by a player in a Minecraft world, the shape does not have to be fancy by any means. It can simply just be a square or rectangle box to live in. As long as the house has a roof, four walls, and a door, it will do just fine in Minecraft. Though, ceilings will need to be at least two blocks tall for players to fit into them.

Although gamers should keep in mind that they will need to build their house big enough to store all of their items, it is recommended that starter houses are at the absolute least 5 x 5 blocks, but most players make them as large as possible - the bigger the area, the more room for storage. Since gamers will eventually collect an array of resources, the starter house can always be expanded upon later, whether by adding a second story or expanding the first floor.

Within the house, some essential elements should be included. This entails a crafting table, furnaces and/or smokers and/or blast furnaces, plenty of chests for storage and organization, and most importantly, a bed for spawn.

Outside the house, it is recommended that players have plenty of room for basic farms, such as animal farms for food and XP. Having these farms located near a home base will make collecting and using the materials much easier.

There are tons of different house designs out there for Minecraft players to try. Even subtle touches can go a long way in terms of looks, such as using slabs or stairs instead of full blocks to add depth to builds. Over time, gamers will surely find what build style works best for them and eventually even have a beautiful, expansive Minecraft house.

For some inspiration, check out this YouTube video with plenty of Minecraft starter home ideas:

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