How to make suspicious stew in Minecraft

A look at suspicious stew in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
A look at suspicious stew in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
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Suspicious stew is a consumable item in Minecraft that can either be made at a crafting table or found as loot. Eating a suspicious stew recovers six hunger and will have a different secondary effect based on what is used to make it.

Players can milk brown mooshrooms for suspicious stew or find them in sunken ships.

How to make suspicious stew in Minecraft

The ingredients for suspicious stew include a bowl, the two types of overworld mushrooms, and any flower.

A bowl can be made out of three wooden planks. Players can use any type of wood that they have on hand to do this. The mushrooms can be harvested in forest biomes, taiga biomes, and mooshroom islands. The flowers for this stew can be found nearly everywhere in Minecraft.

Suspicious stew recipe (Image via Mojang)
Suspicious stew recipe (Image via Mojang)

Once players have all of the necessary ingredients, they can be used on a crafting table. It is worth noting that the recipe book will not be of much help. A Bedrock Edition player will need to know the recipe to make suspicious stew.

A suspicious stew will have a different effect on the player depending on the flower used to make it. Some flowers can cause the stew to be harmful, such as Azure Bluet, Lilly of the Valley, Tulips, and Wither Roses. However, some flowers have a beneficial effect, such as Cornflower, Allium, Blue Orchid, Dandelion, Poppy, and Oxeye Daisy.

The secondary effects are similar to potions in Minecraft. However, they only last a few seconds at a time. Each flower has its own effect, except for the Dandelion and Blue Orchid. These two flowers will give a player the saturation effect.

Tulips in Minecraft come in a variety of colors. Tulips, regardless of color, will still give players the weakness effect.

Different flowers can be fed to brown mooshrooms to control the outcome for the stew if a player just has bowls and can summon lightning at a mooshroom island.

Players that find suspicious stew won't know what the effect will be until after eating it. A suspicious stew found in a sunken ship will not let players know what the secondary effects are or what flowers were used. They can either get rid of the stew, leave it behind, or eat it and see what could happen.

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