How to make terracotta in Minecraft 1.19 update

Terracotta and glazed terracotta blocks in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Terracotta and glazed terracotta blocks in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Typically found in Minecraft's badlands biomes, terracotta is an earthy block that comes in many different colors.

If players have a tough time finding the block's home biome, they can craft it with nothing more than a few basic resources.


Thanks to recent developments in Minecraft, players can now essentially create an infinite amount of terracotta. This is worth keeping in mind, especially when a badlands biome is quite far off and players need terracotta in a pinch.

Below, players can find a quick and simple guide to creating standard terracotta blocks.

Step-by-step guide to creating terracotta through the use of clay blocks in Minecraft

Underwater clay blocks in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Underwater clay blocks in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

To craft terracotta in Minecraft, players will want to seek out two things: clay blocks and a furnace.

While clay blocks can be found underwater in many places such as oceans, rivers, and lush cave biomes, they can also be created with mud blocks in version 1.19. By placing mud blocks on top of pointed dripstone blocks from dripstone caves, players can dry out the mud blocks and convert them into clay.

As long as players have mud blocks, they can ostensibly have clay. Since mud can also be formed by applying water bottles to dirt blocks, players can create an almost limitless amount of clay for use in terracotta crafting.


Players can follow the steps given below to craft terracotta in Minecraft 1.19:

  1. Once players have all the clay blocks they need, they can place or search for a furnace.
  2. Players can then place a fuel source in their furnace if necessary. Great fuel types include coal, charcoal and buckets of lava. In lieu of these sources, players can also use wood blocks or items as well as certain plant materials such as dried kelp blocks. However, these fuel sources burn much faster and don't create as many blocks before running out.
  3. When the fuel is placed, players can insert their clay blocks in the top-most input window of the furnace's interface. If fuel is used correctly, the furnace will begin smelting.
  4. As time passes, the clay blocks will be converted into standard brown terracotta blocks. Players can then remove the blocks and place them in their inventory and use them however they see fit.

If players would like, they can also dye the terracotta blocks that they remove from their furnace.

In a crafting table menu, players can use eight terracotta blocks and change their color by placing a dye in the center of the crafting grid. However, players should be aware that once a terracotta block has been dyed, it cannot be changed further, and the cover cannot be removed.

Once the terracotta blocks have been dyed, players can also turn their terracotta into glazed terracotta by taking the dyed blocks and placing them back into the furnace. As with the standard variant, players can remove their new glazed terracotta blocks after a short amount of time.

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