Why does the badlands biome not contain any passive mobs in Minecraft?

The Badlands biome is an uncommon biome (Image via Mojang)
The Badlands biome is an uncommon biome (Image via Mojang)

The Badlands biome (or Mesa biome, as previously known) in Minecraft is a barren, desert-like biome that is quite difficult to find. It comprises the “Terracotta” block, which generates massive mounds comparable to the game’s hills and mountains.

Players can discover dead bushes and cacti almost anywhere, similar to a desert biome. Many different types of Terracotta can be found in this biome; namely, yellow, red, orange, white, light gray, brown, and regular Terracotta can be seen generating in layers across the biome’s mounds or hills.

However, the base or foundation layer is mainly comprised of red sand, an uncommon invariant of sand only found in the badlands biome.


The Badlands biome has three variants, specifically the eroded badlands, wooded badlands, and regular badlands. The eroded badlands biome is comprised of tall spires called “hoodoos”.

On the other hand, the wooded badlands are comprised of groves of trees at higher altitude sections. All three variants of the badlands biome do not spawn any passive mobs. (except eroded badlands in Bedrock Edition). This article will go over why and how that happens.

Badlands biome in Minecraft: Why does it not spawn any passive mobs?


Passive mobs in Minecraft mainly consist of animal mobs like sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and more. Generally speaking, there are spawning conditions for every mob and entity in the game, and passive mods are no different, with around eight or so conditions that need to be fulfilled to spawn in any biome in the game. However, only two of those conditions apply to the Badlands biome.

1) Grass block spawning

A grass block in Minecraft (Image via WallapaperAccess/Minecraft)
A grass block in Minecraft (Image via WallapaperAccess/Minecraft)

According to Mojang, passive mobs can only spawn on grass blocks with a light level of nine or above. Since the Badlands biome has no trace of a grass block anywhere on its surface and is filled with Terracotta and red sand blocks, any chance of passive mob spawning in this biome is eliminated.

2) No spawns in desert biomes

A desert biome (Image via Minecraft)
A desert biome (Image via Minecraft)

The general conditions of the Badlands biome are pretty similar to the desert biome. Both have warm temperatures, barren landscapes, and no passive mobs (except rabbits in the desert and other passive mobs only found in desert villages). Therefore, it is understandable that no passive mobs can spawn here.

More about Minecraft's exploration mechanic

Minecraft's exploration mechanics are one of the game's most exciting aspects. With over 50 biomes in the Overworld alone, players are given a ton of different areas to explore and gather other biome-specific materials or interact with biome-specific mobs.

While some biomes are widely and evenly spread over the in-game world's map, others are harder to find and have strange and unique qualities. The Mushroom biome is the rarest in the game, with the Eroded Badlands biome coming in second place.

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