How to make wooden pickaxe in Minecraft

Wooden pickaxes can mine stone and coal (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Wooden pickaxes can mine stone and coal (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

There are several tools in Minecraft, and they all serve different purposes. Swords and axes are used to attack, but the latter is also used for chopping down trees and wooden blocks with more efficiency.

Technically, all weapons and tools can attack as they each have an attack damage stat, but the others are far better suited for other purposes.

Shovels are intended to dig up sand, dirt, or gravel. Hoes are used to make a garden that grows crops. Pickaxes are there for mining solid blocks, including all resources and other underground items.

inconsolable after accidentally killing both my parrots with a pickaxe in minecraft

To get to the best of these tools, which are arguably most useful for pickaxes, players often have to start with the wooden types.

Wooden pickaxe in Minecraft: Complete guide

All tools and weapons in Minecraft start as wooden. They go from there to stone, iron, gold, diamond, and finally, Netherite. Tools of the last type are incredible, but they require diamonds, which in turn need an iron pickaxe.

Users can't really make the iron pickaxe without getting a stone pickaxe first, but that requires a wooden pickaxe first and foremost. The only way to skip these steps is to either start with a stone pickaxe from a bonus chest or find enough iron ingots to craft an iron one straight away.

Those aren't everyday occurrences, which is why many crafters need to make a wooden pickaxe.

The first step is to gather wood. If gamers started with a bonus chest, there's a good chance there will be logs and perhaps even sticks. If that's not the case, that's fine because making a wooden tool is very easy.

Fortunately, unlike stone, wood can be broken with a hand and still drop the item. Minecraft users can begin by finding the nearest tree โ€” the type (birch, oak, spruce) does not matter โ€” and start breaking the blocks.

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At a minimum, players will need three logs from whatever tree they find. These can all be crafted into planks without a crafting table.

However, the next step does require a crafting table, so four of those planks (three logs make 12 planks) will go to that recipe. Place that down and click on it to craft more items.

Minecraft gamers can then use two planks to make four sticks. The rest of the planks will go into the recipe for the pickaxe (with a few leftovers). In the crafting grid, they will need to place two sticks and three planks in a pickaxe formation (Java Edition only, Bedrock will do it automatically).

Crafting table GUI (Image via Mojang)
Crafting table GUI (Image via Mojang)

It will craft the wooden pickaxe, then used to get a few stone blocks. Wooden pickaxes can mine stone and coal, but stone pickaxes will do the trick much more efficiently.

After users have three stone blocks, many abandon their wooden pickaxe since they can now move up to stone and eventually iron.

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