Which is the best sword in Minecraft 1.18?

A diamond sword made of Minecraft blocks. (Image via Minecraft)
A diamond sword made of Minecraft blocks. (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft is a dangerous place, either at night where monsters spawn in the overworld, underground where monsters hide in the darkness, the nether where strange beings run rampant, or the end, where the dragon rules.

This means players need to have a better way to handle the threats they face. With that being said, the article will offer a brief insight into the iconic weapon: The diamond sword.

Classic and iconic, deadly and durable: Minecraft’s diamond sword

Symbolic importance

@TrevorDame Answer is no, you need the Diamond Sword.

Few items are more closely associated with Minecraft than the diamond sword. When people think of the game, they think of the diamond sword. The only items that might surpass the iconic diamond blade are the crafting table and the similarly made diamond pickaxe.

While this symbolic value might not have any in-game benefits, it certainly does help boost the diamond sword to being the best in the game.

Jack of all trades

@Wheatskins_ I want the diamond sword

The diamond sword sits in a near perfect zone of durability, damage, and ease of access.

Diamonds aren’t as rare as they once were. They can be found within minutes of the creation of a new Minecraft world, through the use of sunken ships, desert temples, and ravines, just to name a few.

This relative ease of crafting adds to the appeal of the blade, as it is a much better weapon than the stone and iron varieties without being too difficult to acquire.

This added value for relatively little work is only exemplified when looking at durability. Diamond swords are six times more durable than their iron counterparts, and only three-quarters the durability of netherite, which, for how much easier diamonds are to get, is a price worth paying.

Once upon a time, the diamond sword sat at the top of the damage pyramid. That is no longer the case. Axes deal more damage than swords, with just a slower attack speed. But even in the sword category, the netherite sword now reigns supreme.

In Java Edition, the diamond sword sits at three and a half hearts of damage, where the netherite sword deals four hearts. In Bedrock Edition, the diamond sword deals four hearts of damage, and the netherite sword deals four and a half. However, given the relative difficulty in getting netherite, this difference is less important than it might seem.

Master of enchanting

A minimalist enchanting setup. (Image via Minecraft)
A minimalist enchanting setup. (Image via Minecraft)

There is only one area in which the diamond sword can’t be considered the best outright and that is enchanting. Golden swords, due to how enchanting is calculated, have an easier time getting high level enchantments.

However, that doesn’t make up for gold’s shortcomings: laughable durability and mediocre damage. So while technically, the diamond sword isn’t the best for enchanting, it is so much better than gold in every other regard that it doesn’t matter.

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