How to move villagers in Minecraft easily

Minecraft villagers can be transported in various ways (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft villagers can be transported in various ways (Image via Mojang)

Villagers can be helpful for a multitude of reasons in Minecraft, but moving them around can be tricky. This is especially true when players need to move villagers across large distances for the sake of relocation or the construction of villager-intensive farms.


When players wish to move villagers in Minecraft, they have quite a few methods at their disposal. There are methods such as the use of water, job blocks, minecarts, and boats, among others. While minecarts work well over vast distances, setting up a rail system just to move villagers can be very demanding on iron and redstone resources. However, boats are an effective and simple alternative, albeit somewhat slower.

How to transport villagers using boats in Minecraft

A player travels with a villager via boat (Image via Mojang)
A player travels with a villager via boat (Image via Mojang)

Moving a villager in Minecraft through the use of boats is one of the simplest methods in the game. However, it should be noted that it may not be the most expedient or efficient depending on how far and how quickly a player would like to travel.

Players can steer the boat as needed to work their way over land or water in order to reach the new destination. Once there, the villager can carry on about their usual business without any ties to their previous village or location.


Steps to transport a villager via boat:

  1. Craft a boat. This can be done in Minecraft: Java Edition by using five matching wooden plank blocks. In Bedrock Edition, players will need these wooden blocks as well as a wooden shovel. Any type of boat will do the job as long as it is the standard iteration of the vehicle entity.
  2. Place the boat, then bring the villager into contact with the boat. The player can nudge the villager, and a lead can also be utilized. Leads can be attached to boats in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to drag the boat close to the villager for ideal placement.
  3. Once the villager is inside the boat, players can enter the front of the boat and drive it. Boats move slowly across land and quickly across water. In the event players need to move the boat over elevations, they can destroy the existing boat before placing it at a higher altitude and placing the villager back inside. Leads can also be used in Bedrock Edition to pull the boat up blocks vertically.

Players can also implement ice block highways to speed up their movement to other areas. When placed on ice blocks, boats move at a significantly higher speed compared to walking or running, making this an excellent method for transporting both players and villagers. Considering ice blocks are much easier to collect than massive amounts of iron and redstone for rail systems, a solid ice boat system can be a great early or endgame transportation system.

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