How to develop your village in Minecraft

Personal village (Image via Jira Minecraft)
Personal village (Image via Jira Minecraft)

Villages are one of the best things in Minecraft. They're so useful that many players often set out to find nearby villages, while others use seeds for the same purpose. Villages are great for a lot of reasons, including for offering the prospect of starting the game with really good loot (diamonds, emeralds, armor, etc.).

Despite them having some of the best loot in the game, the best part of a village has to be the villagers. They're perhaps the most useful mob in the game. They don't drop anything, but they can be traded with.

“Grandkids?” Best I can do is breed an entire nation of Minecraft villagers

For this reason, many Minecraft gamers start their own village and transport villagers from other villages to their own build. One villager does not make a village, though. Here's how to develop one.

Tips to remember for developing a Minecraft village with villagers

The first thing to do is set up a large enough area. Players need to ensure it's big enough for a ton of villagers. This is because it's easy to get villagers, but it's not easy to make space when there are too many villagers in the existing build.

The second thing to remember is to have a way to get villagers into the building supposed to contain them without them being able to get out afterward. An underground tunnel that shuttles villagers in through a minecart can be of help here.

It's also important to have a way in and out of that building while villagers are inside. This can easily be done with a ladder on the outside that leads to a hole in the roof.

Down that hole, gamers can place more ladders, but not all the way to the ground; players can jump up one block onto a ladder, but villagers can't.

Another thing to remember is to preemptively place all of the beds. Even if Minecraft gamers don't have enough job blocks at the moment, placing beds is of the utmost importance.

For the complete job block, click here.

Nitwit villager (Image via Mojang)
Nitwit villager (Image via Mojang)

Inside the village, there should be as many beds as possible. This will ensure maximum villager presence and will save breeding resources when the time comes.

Villager breeding is dependent on the number of beds in the village. Two willing villagers will breed until there are no valid beds remaining. A valid bed is one that hasn't been claimed and has two blocks of space above it.

Once the beds have been placed, players can transport the first two villagers into the village. It is advisable to then destroy the entryway through which they were brought and to leave only the ladder as a point of access.

The two villagers will now be the starting point for the village. Gamers can breed them with a few different food items. Once they are willing, hearts will appear above them, and players can leave and let them fill the village.

When gamers eventually return, there will probably be tons of baby villagers. Once those grow, they can all be given job blocks to start trading with them.

See what is villager breeding.

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