4 best foods for breeding villagers in Minecraft

Breeding villagers (Image via Mojang)
Breeding villagers (Image via Mojang)

Villagers are one of the best mobs in Minecraft. They are one of only three mobs (two if wandering traders count as villagers) that can give items to players without being killed.

Trading with villagers is one of the best ways to get items and can often be a lot easier than getting them organically. For example, trading a few emeralds for a diamond sword might be easier than finding the diamonds to craft it.

For this and other reasons, it's good to have villagers around. Many crafters will set up their own villages and use villagers from elsewhere to populate them. This requires breeding villagers, which isn't too difficult. Here are the best foods that they'll eat.

Best foods to feed villagers in Minecraft

4) Carrot

Villagers breed with food from crops. Carrots are easy to grow because Minecraft players can plant one and the plant can produce up to four carrots, making them easy to accumulate. The only reason they find themselves in last place on this list is because they're pretty useful otherwise. Carrots, unlike other crops, are consumed as is.

They're not the best food source, but they're eaten as is instead of being crafted or cooked like potatoes or beetroot.

3) Potato

Potatoes (Image via Jira Minecraft)
Potatoes (Image via Jira Minecraft)

Potatoes are also pretty easy to accumulate because they can produce multiples for every one planted. This is also a pretty good use for them because, unless they're baked, they're overall a pretty weak food source.

When cooked, they become one of the best in the game, but otherwise don't add many hunger points or have much saturation. Villagers don't know that, though.

2) Beetroot

Beetroots are a great item to use for breeding villagers. Typically, this is the crop that players use the least. It's true that it only produces one when it's planted, but it's usually overlooked. Most players have stacks and stacks of beetroot that they don't use and since villagers will eat it, it's one of the best items to give them.

1) Bread

Unlike the other foods that villagers will take, bread is the only one that has to be crafted first. They will not breed if given wheat. They won't even pick it up, actually. Bread is also an item that they need the least of: Three, compared to 12 of the other items.

Bread is also an item that Minecraft players usually have a lot on hand since it only requires wheat to be crafted. Apart from that, wheat doesn't have too many uses.

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