5 best food items for Minecraft Hardcore in 2022

Notch's first hardcore death screen (Image via Minecraft Fandom)
Notch's first hardcore death screen (Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Minecraft offers players various modes which they can play depending upon their whims and fancies. The most strenuous mode of them all is Hardcore mode. Unfortunately, this mode only exists in Java Edition. Players have to be extremely careful and alert while playing this mode as death is not an option.

This is an unforgiving mode where dying will result in players losing that world altogether. Hence, to survive in this mode, players need to be equipped with the best of everything. Food is an invaluable item in any Minecraft game mode and even more so in hardcore.

Food can be used to replenish hunger levels as well as the saturation of a player. It also comes in handy when players want to restore health, which is very crucial in hardcore.

As the game advances so should the food that players consume. This article will list down the five best food items in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

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Minecraft Hardcore: Best food items to consume.

5) Baked Potatoes

Cooking potatoes in furnace (Image via Minecraft)
Cooking potatoes in furnace (Image via Minecraft)

These are cooked potatoes that players can consume while in the initial stages of their game. Players can easily find them in villages and grow them, making them an amazing renewable source of food.

Baked potatoes restore five hunger points and six saturation points. This is an amazing starter food item in Minecraft hardcore mode.

4) Cooked Beef


Another great source of food to have in Hardcore mode is cooked beef. These can be acquired by slaying cows or mooshrooms which drop up to three beef. Consuming this meat raw will replenish very little hunger and saturation level, however, cooking the same will increase that drastically.

Cooked beef replenishes eight hunger points along with 12.8 saturation points. These animals are found quite often in the game and players can kill them easily to obtain their meat.

3) Cooked Porkchops


Similar to cooked beef, cooked porkchops also restores eight hunger points and 12.8 saturation points. Players can obtain porkchops by killing pigs or hoglins.

Pigs drop one to three porkchops while hoglins drop two to four porkchops. Players can improve the drop rate to six or seven by using Looting III.

2) Golden Apple

Golden apple provides players with extra hearts and special effects
Golden apple provides players with extra hearts and special effects

The Golden Apple falls under the special food item category in Minecraft, which not only restores four hunger points, 9.6 saturation points, and health but also gives players special effects for a while. This is one of the best food items to have in Hardcore mode as players can eat them and restore their health faster than any other food source.

It also provides players with Absorption I for two minutes and Regeneration II for 5 seconds. This food item cannot be grown but has to be crafted. To craft a golden apple in Minecraft players need to place an apple in the middle grid of a crafting table and surround it with gold ingots.

1) Golden Carrot


This is the best food item to have in hardcore mode since it provides the second most saturation after suspicious stew. Golden carrots restore six hunger points and 14.4 saturation points.

This food item is considered as one the best, as carrots can be grown easily in farms and golden nuggets are very cheap. Players can obtain nine golden nuggets from one gold ingot which is quite economical.

To craft a golden carrot players have to simply put a carrot in the middle grid of a crafting table surrounding it with eight golden nuggets.

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