How to perform a speedrun in Minecraft 1.18

How to perform speedrun in Minecraft 1.18 (Image via u/DracoZeBoi Reddit)
How to perform speedrun in Minecraft 1.18 (Image via u/DracoZeBoi Reddit)
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Since the Minecraft 1.18 update was released, many players in the community have tried their hands at speedrunning the famous open-world survival game. The Minecraft 1.18 update completely revamps the generation of the world in the game, making it interesting to speedrun.

Speedrun is a well-known gameplay in which a player tries to complete a game as quickly as possible. There are a few players in the Minecraft community who indulge themselves in speedrunning the game. But to perform a Minecraft speedrun, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Minecraft 1.18 speedrun: How to perform them


There are a few key things to do in a Minecraft 1.18 speedrun, in order to complete the game as quickly as possible. Luck is also a huge part of how fast a player completes the speedrun.

Find Chest Loot or a Village

Village in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Village in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

The moment players create a world and start speedrunning Minecraft 1.18, their first task should be to find any sort of chest loot or a village. Sometimes players can be really lucky and find any type of chest loot or a village to get a headstart in their speedrun. Players can gather as many resources as possible like wood, food, iron, gold and diamonds.

Then, they can make basic tools and weapons and head directly to the Nether, where they will spend the majority of their time. They can either use ruined portals usually found near villages, or quickly make one using water and lava bucket tricks.

Also, whenever players find an Endermen, they should try to kill them, to obtain as many ender pearls as possible.

The Nether

Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)
Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)

In the Nether, players will have two major tasks at hand, gathering more ender pearls, and blaze rods. The key to completing a Minecraft 1.18 speedrun is to make eye of enders as quickly as possible to reach the stronghold and the End realm.

Players will have to find a Bastian Remnant structure to loot chests and obtain as many useful items as possible from bartering with Piglins. Then, they can head to a Nether Fortress, find and kill Blazes to obtain Blaze rods. Don't linger for too long, as it can be dangerous to handle both Blazes and Wither skeletons. Obtain sufficient Blaze rods and leave the Nether.

Stronghold and End realm

End Portal in Stronghold (Image via Minecraft)
End Portal in Stronghold (Image via Minecraft)

After returning to the Overworld, throw the eye of enders to find the stronghold. Quickly scan through the stronghold for the portal room. Then, enter the End realm to defeat the Ender Dragon.

The best and fastest way to defeat the Ender Dragon is to explode beds right under the dragon. Whenever the Ender Dragon comes near the bedrock fountain, hit him with as many beds as possible. This will kill the Dragon faster than it heals, and this way, players can complete the speedrun in Minecraft 1.18.

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