5 quickest Minecraft speedruns of 2021

Some great Minecraft speedruns in 2021 (Image via Minecraft)
Some great Minecraft speedruns in 2021 (Image via Minecraft)

Many people might think that Minecraft is a time-taking survival game, but some players have defied this. Over the years, few users have mastered the techniques to finish the game as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, some players have completed it within minutes!

Speedruns are popular in the gaming community, where a player tries to finish a game as quickly as possible. In the Minecraft community, speedrunning is one of the challenges many gamers take, but only some are the quickest of them all.

Which Minecraft speedruns in 2021 rank as the quickest?

With the Caves and Cliffs update in 2021, the world of Minecraft experienced a lot of new changes. However, many players still jumped into the older versions and tried to finish it as quickly as possible.

Here are the five best Minecraft speedruns of 2021.

5) 11 minutes 7 seconds by TheeSizzler


TheeSizzler completed the game in 11 minutes 7 seconds in March. After spawning, the player quickly found a village and an abandoned Nether portal. He entered the Nether to find a Nether Fortress to obtain blaze rods.

The Minecraft player was quite lucky to find a stronghold exposed in the ocean bed. He quickly went to the End and beat the Ender Dragon.

4) 11 minutes 2 seconds by Piper J3 Cub


Piper J3 Cub, another Minecraft gamer, completed the game in 11 minutes 2 seconds in August. After spawning, he found a village and quickly stocked up on resources.

He then went to the Nether to get the blaze rods and ender pearls. The user found the stronghold and entered the End to defeat the Ender Dragon.

3) 10 minutes 53 seconds by Illumina


In August, Illumina, a well-known Minecraft content creator, completed the game in 10 minutes 53 seconds (in-game time). He spawned and quickly found some chest loot to get initial resources.

He immediately went to the Nether, finding the nether fortress and bastion for loot. He, too, found the stronghold exposed on the ocean bed. He went to the End to kill the Ender Dragon and finish the game.

2) 10 minutes 37 seconds by Hoffik


Hoffik completed the game in 10 minutes 37 seconds in August. He spawned on an island and quickly found chest loot in a sunken ship.

The player found a ravine in the ocean and made a Nether portal with the lava he found. In the same way as the others, the Polish player completed the game.

1) 9 minutes 36 seconds by Brentilda


The fastest Minecraft speedrun in 2021 was completed by a player named Brentilda. This is also considered the fastest glitchless Minecraft speedrun of all time.

In April, the Scottish player finished the game in under 10 minutes. He was lucky to spawn inside a stronghold when he returned from the Nether, making his speedrun the fastest.

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